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My turn to be AWOL! - karyn - 06-20-2013

We are headed west for an Alaskan cruise really early tomorrow morning. We'll be back just before the 4th. Assuming I don't enjoy the local beverages too much, I'll try to take pictures of any fun food and tell all of you about our adventures!

Re: My turn to be AWOL! - cjs - 06-20-2013

Are you leaving from Seattle? If so, wave as you go by Port Angeles and we will raise our glasses to you! Have a great time!

Re: My turn to be AWOL! - Mare749 - 06-20-2013

Have a wonderful time, Karyn! We haven't been to Alaska yet, but I keep pushing for it. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Safe travels.

Re: My turn to be AWOL! - DFen911 - 06-20-2013

Oh have a great trip!! Enjoy every second of it and keep us posted with pics if you can

Re: My turn to be AWOL! - Old Bay - 06-20-2013

We have been there! Time and money allowing, we are going back . Eat salmon and halibut. They , the scenery, the temperature, and the rest of the food will spoil you!

Re: My turn to be AWOL! - BarbaraS - 06-21-2013

You are going to love this cruise! We went in 2010 and it was the best vacation we've ever been on. We had a balcony and I spent just about all my time out there with my birding binoculars looking for wildlife. Bring some good binoculars! Enjoy!


Re: My turn to be AWOL! - Trixxee - 06-21-2013

I would love to take this cruise and I am not a cruise person. Have fun and enjoy!

Re: My turn to be AWOL! - mjkcooking - 06-21-2013

Enjoy your Trip ! would love to do this someday.


Re: My turn to be AWOL! - cjs - 06-21-2013

and, train your binoculars to the south as you hit the Port Angeles Spit area. We're about 1/2 mile up the mountain.

Re: My turn to be AWOL! - luvnit - 06-23-2013

That sounds like fun Karyn! What a nice trip. Hope you do take a few pics and share them with us!