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Wednesday's Dinner, 7/31/13?? - cjs - 07-31-2013

Wow, another month down the drain - August already???

What's on the menu for everyone today?

I have another small pkg. of the Cuban pork that I used for sandwiches yesterday and I'm thinking of a frittata for a change.

Off the wall, but I sure wish Italian was more simple like the English language ( ) I always have to stop and think - Frittata or Fritatta and Focaccia or Foccacia..............

Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 7/31/13?? - Mare749 - 07-31-2013

That's funny, I do too! Still tossing around ideas for dinner, but am thinking about Black Bean and Corn Tostado from "Black Beans and Corn" I haven't made tortilla bowls lately and have those fun little forms that Daphne gave me for Christmas one year.

Will probably make some guacamole too.

Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 7/31/13?? - cjs - 07-31-2013

Oh thanks Maryann - now I want tha also....

Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 7/31/13?? - DFen911 - 07-31-2013

Having some friends over for her birthday dinner. Grilling chicken with white bbq sauce, grilled salad, garlic bread and picking fresh blackberries for a cobbler for dessert

Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 7/31/13?? - Trixxee - 07-31-2013

I never did get to my linguine with clams the other day, so that's the plan. For sure.

Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 7/31/13?? - cjs - 07-31-2013

Well, I went a little overboard today with food! Made the best loaf of bread of my entire life - Grilled Challah and also an acquaintance on facebook posted a different pesto recipe and since my basil is going crazy, decided to make it. It's the best pesto I've ever made.

Well, Photo buckets down, so can't post any pictures, but WOW. The pesto recipe is not well written (omitted a lot in the instructions) so I'll retype it and post it on Group recipe tomorrow.

I'm tired - and full!

Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 7/31/13?? - Mare749 - 07-31-2013

I would like to hear more about that grilled Challah if you get a chance.

Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 7/31/13?? - losblanos1 - 07-31-2013

Tonight it's a new favorite, Cajun Rubbed Beef Filet, lobster with Remoulade and a side of asparagus. Dang, I've been eating a lot of beef lately.

Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 7/31/13?? - Lorraine - 07-31-2013

Geez, you're killing me here. Can't afford the cost of Beef Fillet, lobster or asparagus.

Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 7/31/13?? - pjcooks - 07-31-2013

Me either, Lorraine, it's a special that breaks the bank....