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Fish and chips - Old Bay - 08-16-2013

Greetings from London. I have more access to Internet in the hotel. We have had F&C three times this trip. All were really good cod. The best was Northern Ireland with a delicious two pints of Guiness (just before the riot-five policemen hospitalized and a van wrecked). We left for the ***** 30 min before it began . Great Italian dinner on the *****. Jane had a veal chop with Barolo sauce and I had a Tuscan steak with a really good Sangiovese. Great history, sights, and great entertainment on the *****. Beautiful landscapes, the green in Ireland and Scotland is visually ready to eat and worth the trip. We are well and looks like you all are. Miss you. More later. Bill and Jane.

Re: Fish and chips - cjs - 08-16-2013

O.K., turning a brilliant shade of green, here!!

Jody, Bill is a forum member who drives us all crazy with the trips he and Jane take!! Great couple and we all love them to death!

Stay safe and keep enjoying, Bill & Jane.

Re: Fish and chips - losblanos1 - 08-16-2013

Awesome trip report. I take it Sangiovese is a wine and not a sauce.

Re: Fish and chips - BarbaraS - 08-16-2013

Awesome!! Hubby has always told me that the Fish and Chips are fantastic there. He was in the Navy and was there. I would actually try them as I love malt vinegar on French fries.

I just remember Mom's fried Flounder during Lenten season and gag. Too fishy a taste. Egg salad was my friend!


Re: Fish and chips - Cubangirl - 08-16-2013

We had fish and chips when we lived in England at least once a week if not twice, thought never on Monday since fisherman didn't go out on Sunday. Nothing better than getting it at the corner place, wrapped in newspaper and always with malt vinegar. I miss the fresh fish. I think I ate more fish while there than I have in all the year since put together.

Hope Bill get in a couple of good pub lunches with a pint (the English kind) of hard cider. Yuum.

Re: Fish and chips - Harborwitch - 08-16-2013

Like Jean I am brilliant green with envy!

I have the malt vinegar . . . I just need the fish.

Re: Fish and chips - DFen911 - 08-16-2013

I love Fish and Chips! So wish we could be on that trip with you Sounds like you are having a marvelous time. Cannot wait to see pictures too