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Last Dinner in UK - Old Bay - 08-22-2013

We had dinner at a confusing double restaurant called J. Sheekey. We had apps in one , shopped an hour and had the main course in the other.

I had razor clam with sea beans/sea Vegis with smokey chriso in brown butter.
Jane had Bibb lettuce, blu cheese, hazelnut salad with truffle dressing.
I had halibut sautéed and baked on a bed of sautéed white leeks.
Jane had Dover sole w/lemon caper sauce and buttered spinach.

Delicious! I have new respect for British cooking.

We had a Touraine Sauvignon Blanc, from Loire.

Re: Last Dinner in UK - cjs - 08-23-2013

Oh my, doesn't all that sound wonderful!!

I'm surprised - I thought Razor clams were indigenous to the Pacific Northwest......

Re: Last Dinner in UK - Mare749 - 08-23-2013

It really does sound like a great meal. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.