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Thursday Dinner, 8/29/13?? - cjs - 08-29-2013

What's on the menu for everyone today?

We're having plain ole tacos, or maybe a taco salad.....

Re: Thursday Dinner, 8/29/13?? - Harborwitch - 08-29-2013

Grilled salmon, lemon basil risotto, and steamed broccoli.

I don't work today - or tomorrow so I have big plans and I want a nice dinner.

Re: Thursday Dinner, 8/29/13?? - DFen911 - 08-29-2013

So what I had planned for last night will be tonight - grill NY steaks and tomato soup with tomatoes from my garden

Re: Thursday Dinner, 8/29/13?? - Trixxee - 08-29-2013

Way too hot to put an oven on or even stand outside and grill so I'm making the chicken chili verde from the slow cooker book. Hope it's good. And now I just realized I don't have large flour tortillas for burritos. Will have to do tacos instead.

Re: Thursday Dinner, 8/29/13?? - Mare749 - 08-29-2013

Hot weather here too, although probably nothing like what Trixxee gets in her neck of the woods. It's the humidity that I can't stand.

So, tonight we will have BLT's and probably a handful of tator tots.

Re: Thursday Dinner, 8/29/13?? - Trixxee - 08-29-2013

Good thing the beach is 20 miles away and 20 degrees cooler, at least. May have to work that into the long weekend.

It is somewhat humid for here which of course is making it seem worse.

Re: Thursday Dinner, 8/29/13?? - karyn - 08-29-2013

I actually like humidity, and we finally have some in Atlanta! Summer has arrived, so I'm grilling--Vaquero Steaks with grilled asparagus.

Re: Thursday Dinner, 8/29/13?? - losblanos1 - 08-29-2013

It's 75 here with 63% humidity, it muggy and I'm lovin' it! It's also raining, not lovin' that.

Tonight's dinner is Jumbo shrimp stuffed with manchego cheese, wrapped in bacon with a chipotle mayonnaise dip and Maryann's B'day dinner Mexican rice.

Re: Thursday Dinner, 8/29/13?? - pjcooks - 08-30-2013

Blane, sounds really really good! Would love to see how you presented the shrimp.

My dinner was quite mundane, a slice of lukewarm pepperoni pizza from the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, but the company was superb...Box seats for STYX. Phenomenal!!!


Re: Thursday Dinner, 8/29/13?? - losblanos1 - 08-30-2013

PJ, I got tired last night and didn't make the whole menu, I didn't even put the cheese in the shrimp. I just tossed them on a paper plate and called it dinner. Is Styx still with all the original band members?

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