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Birthday dinner reviews - Mare749 - 09-10-2013

Before planning another birthday dinner review, I just want to ask if someone else would like to have a turn? If no one speaks up in the next few days, I'll be happy to post something.

Another reason for asking is that I did not start subscribing to Cuisine until 2006. Those of you with earlier issues may want to go back and look at recipes that you passed up at that time, but might want to try now. I have the DVD on my wish list.

Thanks everybody, I hope that we can get more people to join in.

Re: Birthday dinner reviews - Trixxee - 09-11-2013

I'm even of less help. I didn't start subscribing until 2007. I could look around and see if there's anything that I've been wanting to make and haven't though.

Re: Birthday dinner reviews - Mare749 - 09-11-2013

That might not work anyway. Reviews should probably be more current. Hmmm.

Well, I do have 3 menus in mind, so will post one of them by Friday unless I hear from someone with an upcoming birthday.

Re: Birthday dinner reviews - cjs - 09-11-2013

Sounds good, Maryann