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Lunch & Dinner Out in One Day!! - cjs - 10-11-2013

What a wonderful day of FOOD on Thursday!! Started out at a new place for us, Sequim Fresh Seafood restaurant. Originally it was to be a Seafood and Smokehouse restaurant, but after they got all their signs up and things in motion, the city told them they were too close to a service station to have their open flames and would have to put out $$$$$$$$ to build some kind of shield. So, they had to rethink and just go with seafood. darn bureaucrats.

Roy had steamed clams with a great flavored broth and we both had Caesars – mine I had them add a ‘few’ calamari for garnish!. Delicious

[Image: Oct10CaesarsaladwCalamari_zps6cd2ccfa.jpg]

And then, Coconut Curry Shrimp with Thai sweet chili sauce that was out of this world perfectly flavored with the curry. I’ve been playing with adding curry to my coconut shrimp, but my, did they ever do it up right.

[Image: Oct10CoconutCurryShrimp_zpsaad19d95.jpg]

THEN, on to a little gem, Dupee’s, down the road a bit for a 2nd outstanding meal of the day!!
I had pork osso buco and it was wonderful AND humungeous!!

[Image: Oct10PorkOssoBuco2_zpsc8545d6e.jpg]

The side dish was called ‘potatoes Dupee’ kind of smashed tatoes made with buttermilk
And I was looking forward to it, but it had an off-putting flavor to it. Turned out we decided it was the dill used to garnish completely took the dish over, so it was just a tangy dill!. Which I’m not that big a fan of. I may play with it because Toni, the owner said it was basil in the dish, but couldn’t taste it at all. Interesting idea.

Anyway, now back to mundane eating……………..

Re: Lunch & Dinner Out in One Day!! - Mare749 - 10-11-2013

All the dishes look great, but especially the osso buco. Love that!

Curry with coconut shrimp sounds so good. Can you duplicate that one? Yum.

Re: Lunch & Dinner Out in One Day!! - Gourmet_Mom - 10-11-2013

I like the look of that salad!

Re: Lunch & Dinner Out in One Day!! - cjs - 10-11-2013

It was all so good and I've been working on a Coconut Curry Shrimp and I hope mine will be as good!! Will let you know.

Re: Lunch & Dinner Out in One Day!! - Harborwitch - 10-11-2013

Jean everything looks so good and sounds wonderful.

Our first year here Tonya was doing Coconut shrimp - but nothing exciting for the sauce. I played - mixing Red Curry paste with the coconut cream used for drinks (coco lopez?) It was a hit. The combination is one of our favorites.

Re: Lunch & Dinner Out in One Day!! - cjs - 10-12-2013