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Austin Rain/Allison & Eric - cjs - 11-01-2013

Just talked to Bill and he probably won't be coming on the forum this a.m. So, I'll act as the town crier...............

Eric (Allison's brother) was flooded out of his 1st floor apt., but not high enough to do damage to his things. He has to be moved tho.

Allison is on the 2nd floor so is fine. Mom & Dad are on their way to Austin today and will spend the weekend there with the kids AND celebrating their anniversary on Sunday.

That's it, all I know.

Re: Austin Rain/Allison & Eric - Old Bay - 11-01-2013

Sorry I didn't check in. Jean covered it pretty well. We are staying in a residence Inn and Eric may sack out on the pull out bed while he re locates. They got about 12 inches of rain, we got about 4 and the drought may be broken!

Re: Austin Rain/Allison & Eric - cjs - 11-01-2013

Oooops, I figured you'd be too busy to check in Bill - but, glad you did.

Just remember when "Washington Calls" answer - I have so much info for you, my man.

Re: Austin Rain/Allison & Eric - Gourmet_Mom - 11-01-2013

When I saw the report this morning, I worried they'd been affected! Glad to here everyone is okay! Sad to hear Eric has to move, but it's good his belongings are okay! Hoping all will be well soon!

Re: Austin Rain/Allison & Eric - labradors - 11-01-2013

Yikes! Hope you can get things dry.

Re: Austin Rain/Allison & Eric - BarbaraS - 11-02-2013

Oh Geez Bill! I don't know what to say. A foot of rain??!! Incredible.