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Sour Dough - DFen911 - 11-02-2013

Ok so I know several of you have been making your sour dough. Well I learned something interesting today. Took a class on german rolls, bratwurst and whole grain mustards today. The bread maker in our class starts his starter using grapes instead of yeast. He uses 2 small bunches of organic wine grapes. He puts the 2 bunches into the starter, while they are still on the vine. Once the starter gets to forming bubbles he pulls them out and discards them. Then just keeps his starter going from there.

He says you get a very nice flavor doing this rather than using the dried yeast because of the natural yeast present on the grapes.

Just thought I'd share that

Re: Sour Dough - cjs - 11-02-2013

Interestng - if I didn't have Marlene's OLD starter, I'd probably try this. But, I can hardly keep up with what I have. It's a b---- to try to eat all the goodies from sourdough, don't you know.

Re: Sour Dough - Gourmet_Mom - 11-02-2013

That's pretty cool! If I ever get back into it, I hope I remember this.