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Meat Grinders - DFen911 - 11-04-2013

Ok I am at my wits end!! I have the kitchen aid grinder and I HATE IT!!!

I have to darn completely freeze the meat in order to get it to grind, and the meat still binds up! And with the batch I am doing this is taking me hours. I have to grind a small amount, put it in the fridge, refreeze another batch, completely disassemble unit, clean it, reassemble, grind repeat. The blade is so inadequate.

I've been trying to get this meat ground since 7 am and then still have to stuff and let them set for 3 hours. ARG!!

What do you guys use for a grinder? I used to have the old clamp it to a table kind but that didn't make the move. And really don't want to do that much manual labor

Re: Meat Grinders - cjs - 11-04-2013

First of all, check to make sure your cutting blade is in correctly - it makes a big difference in the grinding. You want the flat cutting surface inside - that's the 1st thing to check.

second, are you grinding the meat, tasting for seasoning, then adding back to the grinder for stuffing your casings? Might make a difference. I don't stuff anymore - too lazy and nothing I can do with stuffed sausage that I can't do with bulk.

Next, I didn't like using my K.A. either, but I didn't have as much trouble as you seem to be having. And, the only reason I can think of is the blade position. Maybe someone else can see something I'm missing.

I now have the Waring Pro Professional Meat Grinder, model MG800 and love it!

<a href="[URL=" >[Image: 41CEYY3ATDL__AA160__zps77b4d1b8.jpg]</a>]MG800 model[/url]

Keep the faith, you'll overcome this.

Re: Meat Grinders - cjs - 11-04-2013

Crap - disregard the above about the cutting blade. DUH!!!

I just got my K.A. grinder box out (to take to Tracie) and looked at the blade - it doesn't have a right and wrong side.

It does on my new grinder, so if you do get one, keep it in mind.

I just can't figure out what wrong with your set up to have this much trouble.

Sorry for the false lead.

Re: Meat Grinders - DFen911 - 11-04-2013

I was finally able to get all the meat thru the large die but only have it was frozen pretty much thru. Now I have that all spread out on a cookie sheet to refreeze so I can get it thru the small die next.

I am almost to the point of never making sausage again. All this work and time, heck, easier to just buy it.

Re: Meat Grinders - cjs - 11-04-2013

Don't give it up, Denise. By the way, I have marked on the outside of the K.A. grnder "Don't use fine grinding plate when working with chuck" - but, I extended it to never using the fine plate for anything.

Why not try just making bulk sausage - I even make my chorizo as bulk and Salami and all of it.

Re: Meat Grinders - Gourmet_Mom - 11-04-2013

Denise, I had the same problem! We have an old timey one we use now. When I retire, I'm getting one like Jean's

Re: Meat Grinders - Lorraine - 11-04-2013


Don't use fine grinding plate

We have the KA attachment, and we have the same problem. I would love to get a finer grind, but even with freezing it, can't get it thru the fine grind. Sure wish I hand my Mom's old hand crank. Maybe I should buy him one for Christmas, he's got strong arms.

Re: Meat Grinders - karyn - 11-04-2013

Denise, I HATED the KA attachment. It was particularly bad with chicken thighs. Those seemed to just wrap themselves around the blade and cook the meat. The grinding process was so slow that it really frustrated me.

After my first attempt at sausage making, my DH headed over to Northern Tool (right by his work then) and bought me this grinder. It is great, and I can grind 5-10 pounds of sausage in the time it took me to grind 1 with the KA.

John's happy 'cuz he doesn't have to deal with a meltdown....just sayin'...

Re: Meat Grinders - cjs - 11-05-2013

I see a grinder in Denise's Christmas stocking......

Re: Meat Grinders - Lorraine - 11-05-2013

Yup. Wish I could afford that one, it looks great!