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To Share or NOT to Share - Harborwitch - 11-08-2013

On our way home from the Dr's office the other day we stopped at a little store in South Leggett, the Mercantile. It was a rather eclectic little store that ran the gamut from rip off to bargain basket.

As we perused the aisles we found the wine aisle (totally by accident )and saw some interesting wines, some familiar and some new. On a top shelf was a Dos Rios Table wine, Light Red blend from Grand Vin de Tevis - if you bought a bottle of one of their other wines you could get a bottle of this for $1 - yes ONE dollar. The other wines included a 2005 Cab Franc for $10.99. We grabbed one of each. If you read down in this article 2005 Wine Spectator it mentions this winery as the first and at that time only winery in the new AVA.

We opened the Red Table Wine with our pizza the other night. OMG! OMG! Wonderful wine - easy to drink and perfect with the pizza. We haven't opened the Cab Franc yet - but we are making plans for a trip to the little store. We feel like intrepid explorers - there was just a feeling. I am also thinking about contacting the owner about his website (which is very very bland) Will work for wine!

Jean will you and Roy be coming in this direction? We'd love to see you! (Discounts available for friends - up to 3 a month) I will recommend doing the Eureka to here stretch in daylight.

(Just an aside - the trip to the Dr. Tuesday may have been hitting the jackpot! The PA changed my meds for the back spasms and they work! I don't think either of us is used to working quite this hard - but I feel really good tonight after working and shopping!)

Re: To Share or NOT to Share - cjs - 11-09-2013

Hmmm, the wines sound interesting, Sharon. And, good news about finding a Dr. who can help you.

We won't be stopping on the way down - we're going to head for the warmer weather as fast as we can, but maybe on the way back up.We only travel in the daylight anymore - no reason not to.

Re: To Share or NOT to Share - Harborwitch - 11-09-2013

Because of delays we hit Eureka at sunset and had to be here that night. Scary few hours on 101! Never again.

Re: To Share or NOT to Share - Gourmet_Mom - 11-09-2013

Two GREAT finds! Glad to know you're getting help for your back, finally! I'll have to look for that wine brand. Thanks for the heads up!

Re: To Share or NOT to Share - Harborwitch - 11-09-2013

If I had known we'd find this wine I'd have put my name on the SS list. Such a perfect gift.

Re: To Share or NOT to Share - luvnit - 11-11-2013

Fantastic you found such a great deal! With such a great deal on wine, who needs a Dr?