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Leftover Mashed Potatoes - BarbaraS - 11-10-2013

Hey all,

Of course I made too much mashed potatoes last night. I did it on purpose so Hubby can have them throughout the week. He would like me to make him potato pancakes one night. How would you do this with mashed potatoes? Can it be done?


Re: Leftover Mashed Potatoes - DFen911 - 11-10-2013

I love potato cakes! I take the potatoes, add some shredded cheese, maybe some crumble sausage. Put some butter in the pan from your patties and gently place in the pan. Let them cook over medium low heat to get heated thru and make a nice crust. Flip gently and cook till hit thru. Top with sour cream and sliced green onions or a batch of breakfast gravy.

Re: Leftover Mashed Potatoes - cjs - 11-10-2013

Pretty much what I do, too. Hmmm, haven't made them for a while!

It's fun to switch out flavorings - herbs, heat (Sriracha), sesame oil, things like that.

Re: Leftover Mashed Potatoes - BarbaraS - 11-10-2013

No egg?


Re: Leftover Mashed Potatoes - cjs - 11-10-2013

Missed that - I would.

Re: Leftover Mashed Potatoes - BarbaraS - 11-10-2013

I mean, I looked up a couple recipes but wanted input from the board that have actually made them.



Re: Leftover Mashed Potatoes - DFen911 - 11-10-2013

Yes I would do one egg but mix it in really well.

That's one of the best things about Thanksgiving leftovers too. I make the potato patties with stuffing inside. Boom!

Re: Leftover Mashed Potatoes - Cubangirl - 11-10-2013

My favorite thing to make with leftover mashed potatoes is Papas Rellenas. You make half a mashed potato ball, stuff it with picadillo and cover it with another half ball. You bread the balls and fry them. They are so good.

Re: Leftover Mashed Potatoes - cjs - 11-11-2013

Years ago on C2C, we did a 'what to do with l/o mashed potatoes.' This is the list I kept.


Donuts. Lots and lots of donuts.

Cake bake: Mix something into them if you want (cheese, broccoli, whatever), drop spoonsful of them onto a baking sheet to make little potato cakes, and bake until they're brown and crusted, putting something more on top if you like

Fried patooties: Mix them with egg, butter, and flour, bread them, and deep fry them in bite-sized balls;

Spud volcano: make a little mound of them, put a crater in the middle, break an egg into it, bake it, and serve it for breakfast with some sawmill gravy on it.

You can use a lasagna technique and sub the pasta for mashed potato.
Shepards pie? (or any pie topping)
Hash cakes
Mixed with = quantity choux paste and deep fry
Or bake in a tray with bacon and grated cheese on top till golden then dollop on some sour cream and chives.

Gnocci and spaetzle are my favorite ways to use em.

" Causa Limeña" - Peruvian mashed potato with lemon, hot peppers, and olive oil, topped with tuna salad maybe.

" Potato Boondi" - Indian mashed potato balls, stuffed with spiced peas, coated with chickpea flour, deep fried.

" Llapinchongos" ( I think that's what they're called) - Ecuadorian Potato Croquettes
You could also do a person version of Swiss Rosti, or gnocchi.....

Or mix them with cooked cabbage and fried onions & make Bubble & Squeak....

Fry up some Spicy Italian Sausage and drain...Mix with the Potatoes and enough Milk/Cream/Stock to thin to a thick Soup consistency...Potato Soup.

Have the Pastry Chef use them to make Potato Rolls.

Mix with Whole Green Peas, Cumin, and some Mustard Seed...put a good size Dollop into a Wonton Skin/Tortilla and seal the edges then Deep Fry...a form of Indian Samosa. Serve with Green Curry though I like Sour Cream.

Mix with Cooked Ground Pork and put in Wonton Wrappers and Deep Fry...Toong Thong (sp? wrong..I'm sure) I think is the Thai name for them...the Royal Thai restaurant serves them here. Served with Dipping Sauces.

Cover a Hard Boiled Egg with them (Similar to an English Scotch Egg) and (Yes Again...) Deep Fry.

Left over potatoes, Breakfast sausage, Peppers (green, red, and hot) onions, S+P+G eggs

Cook sausage, peppers and onions till done add potatoes and heat thoroughly add eggs and mix well can be served in hotel pan

Well Prime I dont know if you would consider it a meal but I woud do a great soup recipe called Potato Cheese Soup... is good and easy used it in the last Restaurant I was at.

All you do is in a double boiler bring 1/2 and 1/2 dairy creamer, Golden Velvet up to simmer and add in sautéed celery, onion and small dices of potatoes season S & P
add to cream mixture and once it is to simmer start adding in COLD mashed potatoes to thicken finish cooking till it is as thick as you like. Then you could garnish with some bacon or cheese or chives...the staff loved it and it was on the menu everyday! I have tried New potatoes as well and they work great as well!

I sauté herbs, garlic and whatever I have on hand to mix into them and the staff never leaves any! Between soup and staff meals, if you still have a lot left I'd say you’re making too many to start with.

My favorite thing to do with leftover mashed potatoes is make potato pancakes! Crack some eggs into the mashed potatoes and chop up some fresh chives and add enough milk to make a batter consistency. Serve with sour cream or maple syrup! Absolutely delicious!

left over mashed potato !! ah, it's good for smoked fish croquette, and cream based soups

When I was a little girl my grandmother would take ground beef and stuff it into the mashed potatoes and fry them. They were delicious. Sometimes she would just roll them with the meat in them (like a mini sausage) and steam them in butter. Now that was wonderful. They never lasted too long.

Bubble and Squeak

And, lastly – of course, lefse!!!!
And, again, lastly I love to make Arancini!!

Re: Leftover Mashed Potatoes - Gourmet_Mom - 11-11-2013

That's one heck of a list! I have never been successful with potato cakes. Very disappointing given my daddy used to do them so well! Soooo good! Maybe it was the egg I was missing?