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NEW YEARS 2013/14!! - cjs - 12-28-2013

I suppose you can tell I feel lots better, even thinking about food again!!!!!

What are the plans for New Year's Eve and Day??

I just ordered veal shanks from a meat market in Apache Junction, so I can pick them up Tuesday. I can use my new marrow spoons!!! Finally! And, of course risotto....Blane has made me tired of asparagus, so guess I'll go with something else green.

Re: NEW YEARS 2013/14!! - Gourmet_Mom - 12-28-2013

We will probably be lying low for New Year's this year. We have a big trip ahead of us at Chateau √Član starting the day after New Year's Day! YS and his fianc√© decided not to wait for a big stressful wedding in June. They booked an elopement package and included the parents! We will probably be eating a lot of salad for the next few days! LOL!

Re: NEW YEARS 2013/14!! - cjs - 12-29-2013

Hey, good for them and sounds like fun!! We just received word that grandson wants the "big stressful wedding," so they are postponing their June wedding for another year, so they can do it up right!!

But, good for them, they're doing it all themselves, so more power to them.

HOw pretty the inn is and what a nice place to stay!!

Re: NEW YEARS 2013/14!! - Gourmet_Mom - 12-29-2013

Good luck to the parents on the "big stressful wedding". LOL! Aleana found this spot, and it's perfect because it's half way between here and Florida. Her father spends the winter months training and caring for polo ponies. Plus, the venue gave her GREAT deal!

Re: NEW YEARS 2013/14!! - cjs - 12-29-2013

This is Tracie's son and he and Amber are doing it all themselves. I can't believe how they can raise/make money for the wedding fund.

Re: NEW YEARS 2013/14!! - Gourmet_Mom - 12-29-2013

Isn't that incredible?!?! This is the kind of thing that gives you hope for the next generation!

Re: NEW YEARS 2013/14!! - Mare749 - 12-29-2013

That's pretty exciting news, Daphne. Have a wonderful time and best wishes for a beautiful wedding.

New Year's Eve will most likely be spent at home. Ron has to work that day and will probably be asleep by 9:00. We are fine with this. Pretty much "partied out" for this year.

New Year's Day, we are making dinner for my in-laws and my Dad. Our girls and families like to spend a quiet day at home recovering from their own party the night before.

Dinner will be roasted pork, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, chunky applesauce or baked apples and dinner rolls. Same menu every year and not much chance of changing it. Ever.

Re: NEW YEARS 2013/14!! - pjcooks - 12-29-2013

I'm impressed! Congrats to you both! What a great venue and look at all the places to eat. Beautiful!


Re: NEW YEARS 2013/14!! - Gourmet_Mom - 12-29-2013

Thanks you guys!

Totally forgot to mention New Year's Day menu. Like Maryann, that menu will probably never change....collard greens and black eyed peas with some turkey sausage this year. But I may splurge a little and fry him some corn bread!

Re: NEW YEARS 2013/14!! - Trixxee - 12-29-2013

No real special plans here. Thinking about making stroganoff with the piece of filet I have in the freezer. We need to buy a new sofa for our family room (before I burn the old one) so if the stores are open that day maybe we'll go furniture shopping and out to lunch.