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Thank you 2013 - DFen911 - 12-31-2013

You have given me so much! I got to spend with time with friends from C@H.

I learned how to take everyday items and recycle them into things I could use. Thank you for the 2013 discovery of Pinterest.

We were adopted by a cat, that I don't own, but Derek adores.

While we got our trailer at the end of 2012, we fell in love with camping in 2013.

I got to truly enjoy canning and preserving foods that I grew.

We learned that a side of beef is a LOT of meat! Hail red meat

Derek learned to play the banjo and I found my old guitar. I'm still learning.

I got a library card! Most awesome thing to download books for free

My blog won the Versatile blogger award

We built a green house, here's hoping 2014 I learn how to utilize it.

I hand fed a cow. Might not sound like much but I found amusing and extremely interesting. They drool a LOT over pears.

Enjoyed a plethora if wild life including a few new species we hadn't seen before - skunks, nutria, fox and assorted birds.

Down side - truck engine blew and had to replace an entire engine.

Thank you 2013 hate to see you go, but I know 2014 is gonna be a whirlwind starting with my baby girl coming back home for a few days

Re: Thank you 2013 - labradors - 12-31-2013

Well said, Denise.

Re: Thank you 2013 - cjs - 12-31-2013

Retirement timne is indeed the time to stop and smell the roses and enjoy all the benefits!!

Re: Thank you 2013 - Gourmet_Mom - 12-31-2013

Well, I can't say that I can think of so many blessings for my 2013 right now since I have gotten so many curve balls lately. So I well just applaud you on your blessings, Denise. Hopefully, I will have many blessings in 2014!

Re: Thank you 2013 - losblanos1 - 12-31-2013

A great year for sure, Denise. That cow was huge (I saw the pic on your blog).

Re: Thank you 2013 - Harborwitch - 12-31-2013

You put it so beautifully Denise.

It was quite a year for all of us in many different ways. I'm looking forward to the new one!