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Tuesday's Dinner, 2/4/14?? - cjs - 02-04-2014

What's on the menu today for everyone??

Not sure what I'll do here. I have leftover chili and found 3 lonely hot dogs in the freezr.....

I'm starting a herculean (sp??) project this week. Since I have the c.d. for 101 issues of C@H, I'm going to go thru all the issues and make notes of the ones I've tried and liked. Then discard them - can't believe I'm going to do this, but I have to downsize!

So, I'll bet I'll be doing some C@H cooking again....a lot!

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 2/4/14?? - Trixxee - 02-04-2014

I need to do the same thing but I'm still hesitant to part with my magazines.

Well, Tony is now traveling to Austin (third business trip in as many weeks) so I'm going to make something he would never stand for. LOL. Rotini topped with stewed tomatoes. I love it. Michael will just have his with butter and parm. Broccoli on the side.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 2/4/14?? - DFen911 - 02-04-2014

Having left over grilled chicken, but instead of being on the pesto pasta, it'll be on a bed of greens.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 2/4/14?? - Lorraine - 02-04-2014


Rotini topped with stewed tomatoes

My favourite comfort food. This cold still is still knocking me on my butt. He's gone to the store, we'll see what he buys. I'm betting it's fried chicken.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 2/4/14?? - Trixxee - 02-04-2014



Rotini topped with stewed tomatoes

My favourite comfort food.


So I'm not crazy? I have to toss the pasta with butter first. Mmmm.... Feel better soon, will ya?

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 2/4/14?? - Mare749 - 02-04-2014

No, not crazy. Another fan here. I love stewed tomatoes so much that sometimes I just open a can to have as a side dish, especially if we are having mac and cheese.

Dinner tonight should be interesting. I took out a venison roast that had a bone in it. So, decided to brown it up in my dutch oven, then make the sauce to "Lorraine's Short Ribs" to pour over it and braise in the oven for a while. Will have this with mashed potatoes and the vegetables that went in the pot with the roast. Brownies for dessert.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 2/4/14?? - cjs - 02-04-2014

And, I grew up on stewed tomatoes with broken up toast in them. Roy (and the kids) couldn't stand the soggy toast, so had to revert to a small bowl for me and putting corn in their portion.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 2/4/14?? - Gourmet_Mom - 02-04-2014

Not crazy! I do that, but with rice!

I hope you feel better soon, Lorraine! I thought I'd NEVER get better!

Maryann, you have me drooling! That sounds so good!

William hit his first milestone this morning! He's gotten under 200 for the first time in years! I really shouldn't do it, but I've been craving it for weeks! I'm making country fried steak in gravy with mashed potatoes and peas. He leaves the gravy off, so not too bad there. And if he sticks to his current portion control, it shouldn't be too bad.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 2/4/14?? - losblanos1 - 02-04-2014

Wow, great job William!

Tonight it's Belgian waffles with apple topping. I've never made waffles with yeast before, it sounds delicious.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 2/4/14?? - labradors - 02-04-2014

My mom has done that with stewed tomatoes for years - even just the tomatoes with no pasta. Great stuff.