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Caution! I was hacked! - DFen911 - 02-16-2014

Do not open any emails you may get from me regarding Pinterest pins. My Pinterest board was hacked, along with about 100,000 other accounts. I have sinced changed my PW on all my accounts, including FB, Emails and here.

If you get any emails from me delete them without opening.

Thank you.

Re: Caution! I was hacked! - Harborwitch - 02-16-2014

I don't have any emails from you - but then I don't think I ever have. Safe!

Re: Caution! I was hacked! - Gourmet_Mom - 02-16-2014

Seems like hackers are getting smarter and more vicious. Thanks for the warning.

Re: Caution! I was hacked! - cjs - 02-16-2014

Thanks Denise

One was waiting for me in my email!!

Re: Caution! I was hacked! - Mare749 - 02-16-2014

Okay, so I already opened it before seeing this. So, what should I do?

Re: Caution! I was hacked! - DFen911 - 02-16-2014

I have no idea. I contacted Pinterest and no reply yet. I just found out about this I don't even know what the email was, but whoever hacked the account posted 3 new boards all with links to the UK.

I never send links in emails unless I contact the person first. I also sign all my emails with either --Denise or --Denise Fennell as viruses do not include personalization. So if you don't see my tag signature delete it.

Maryann I would run a virus scan and after that change passwords on all your accounts.

I really, really hate these @#!%

Re: Caution! I was hacked! - Mare749 - 02-16-2014

Denise, I'm running a full scan on my desktop computer right now, but am able to use my laptop. Here's the thing. I have somewhere around 100 login/passwords. Are you saying that I have to change ALL of them?

Re: Caution! I was hacked! - Cubangirl - 02-16-2014

I would wait the results of the virus scan to take action. Just opening it would not give them access to all your passwords. So if you are infected, then it could collect your passwords as you use them. If you are not, you should be ok. Hopefully Pinterest will post the damage. Kickstarter was hacked and suggested you change the password on their site. If that password was used in other sites, then a good idea to change those as well. If you use different passwords, then you are ok.

When you say you opened it, I assume you mean you followed a link in the email, right?

Re: Caution! I was hacked! - labradors - 02-16-2014

In addition to changing the passwords, it may be good for you to start using a password manager. KeePass is one of the best and it's certainly the best one that's completely free.

Aside from just storing your passwords securely, it can also generate highly secure, random passwords AND you can sync it through Dropbox so that you can use it from all your devices. Also, it's available for Windows, Linux, Mac, iPad/iPhone, Android and even Blackberry, so you can use it just about anywhere. Not sure about other versions, but the Windows version can work from a USB stick that you can keep on your keychain so that you can use it on someone else's computer (e.g. you're visiting friends and want to check your email from their PC).

I use it on Windows (from the USB), Linux and on my Android tablet.

Re: Caution! I was hacked! - Cubangirl - 02-16-2014

I have used Password Safe (you can find it at for years (also free). It is super small, can be opened in iPhone/iPad as well, I have it on Dropbox as well. I use Password safe for online sites, but also for additional info such as insurance numbers, extra questions to verify for credit cards etc. It is encrypted, does not need the registry so you can have it on a USB as well.

I also use Last Pass on my computers and iPad. Both generate passwords if you want them to or keep the ones you create. It seems like double work, but Last Pass also syncs across browsers and picks up the URLs so you can auto fill. It is free for computers, slight charge for full functionality on tablets.