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Thursday's Dinner, 5/15/14?? - cjs - 05-15-2014

What's on the menu for everyone today??

I'm doing the Korean Tacos finally for today.

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 5/15/14?? - Trixxee - 05-15-2014

You will love them Jean. If you have some sour cream and sriacha, mix that up and drizzle it on the finished taco.

Well, we're either having those chile colorado burritos (but with chicken) or cheese ravioli with sausage (sauce and sausage was pulled from the freezer by Tony before I got up this morning). I'm kind of taking that as a hint.

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 5/15/14?? - cjs - 05-15-2014

And, I happen to have some sour cream in the fridge - which I don't normally have.

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 5/15/14?? - Mare749 - 05-15-2014

I have to pick up Katie and Abby after school today and tomorrow. Holly had to go with her 5th graders to Greenfield Village for two days. I wanted to have something that the girls can help with. So, we will be having "make your own pizza" night and hopefully grill them if it ever stops raining!

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 5/15/14?? - karyn - 05-15-2014

Enjoy the tacos, Jean!

I was planning on grilling chicken tonight, but the weather has turned cold--it's only 58 right now--so I'm not in the mood to grill. I'll have to figure out something else to do with the chicken I have thawing...

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 5/15/14?? - losblanos1 - 05-15-2014

Grilling skewers again tonight, only this time they're pork and apple with caramel-pecan sauce.

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 5/15/14?? - cjs - 05-15-2014

Oh man, have we been eating high on hog lately!! I haven't posted anything because the powers that be decided I needed a new printer that was easy to share with the trailer...and, you know me and new computer 'stuff'

I still have to write up the chicken pizza I made with the l/o cinnamon-coffee game hens - it was one of the best I've made.

I just posted this on facebook - save me some typing...
"Have some wonderful wines to try and first up was a 2010 Meridion, par Pierre Perrin, Côtes-du-Rhône, Vallée du Rhône Sud (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, Cinsault and Carignan). We had a simple charcuterie platter with it (prosciutto, cheese, 18-hour Kalamata toasted bread rounds, marinated olives, and cornichons) - what a smooth (and, I wish I had the right buzz terms to describe how delicious it was), deep red goodness. We saved half the bottle to try with a 'special' flatbread tonight. I sure could get used to eating this way!! "
[Image: My14CharcuterieCotes-du-Rhone_zps2501f285.jpg]

[Image: May14CheeseforCharcuterie_zps23f8b5a4.jpg]

and today, the wonderful Korean tacos Karyn and Trixxee have been talking about for so long. Wow!!
"And, bringing me up to date - today we had Crock Pot Korean Beef Short Rib Tacos and the flavors were so good, we just wanted to keep eating and eating and eating. Match with Dry Creek (Healdsburg, CA) Dry Chenin Blanc just took it over the top. Thanks to Karyn for suggesting the recipe and Theresa for suggesting the garnish of sour cream/Sriracha - Wow!!"
Here’s the recipe:

[Image: May15KoreanBeefTacos_zpsd113313f.jpg]

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 5/15/14?? - Gourmet_Mom - 05-15-2014

Good Grief, Jean! Your leftovers book must be bursting!

We are having big stormy weather here all around us. Luckily only rain on us, which we needed. Bless his heart, William knows how panicked I get driving in heavy rain, especially in the Cobra and close to dark. So he had Andrew, YS, drive him 45 minutes to the school and sat through the program and meet and greet with the parents tonight so that he could drive me home! AND he had baked potatoes waiting and grilled me a steak. Good thing I decided to keep him 40 years ago!!!!!

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 5/15/14?? - labradors - 05-15-2014

I see the Maille brand of cornichons/gherkins in there. Not really fond of those, but Maille is an excellent brand of Dijon mustard, too.

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 5/15/14?? - cjs - 05-16-2014

Speaking of cornichons/gherkins, it always amazes me that they seem to be easier to match to wines than say, artichokes, asparagus, etc.

You'd think I was pregnant the way I can pop those cornichons down!!