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Milestone Hit!! - cjs - 05-18-2014

I guess it should be a smiley face with this thread, but somehow it's not. I have two upright freezers plus a large one in the fridge. Today I went down to pull something for tomorrow dinner....I have no more fresh (well it's frozen) meat/poultry/anything in either freezer.

All that's left is sauces, pulled/braised meat pkgs./bacon/ham/etc. for sandwiches/fillers/etc. (which will get darn boring ) - this house has to sell quickly or I'm stocking up again!

Really can't stand not having a stockpile of goodies.

Re: Milestone Hit!! - Mare749 - 05-19-2014

That's great! Maybe you should sell/donate those freezers so that you can't fill them up?

Re: Milestone Hit!! - cjs - 05-19-2014

Ha! Don't think I could exist without at least one freezer in my life.

Re: Milestone Hit!! - Lorraine - 05-19-2014

If you run out, come freezer dive in mine! We're also trying to empty them.

Re: Milestone Hit!! - cjs - 05-19-2014

Wow, couldn't we cook up a storm,Lorrain!!!

Re: Milestone Hit!! - Gourmet_Mom - 05-19-2014

This is unbelievable! You without a stockpile is news!!!!

Re: Milestone Hit!! - cjs - 05-19-2014


Re: Milestone Hit!! - Mare749 - 05-20-2014

I'm confused. What are you going to do without a freezer while you are traveling for a year?

Re: Milestone Hit!! - cjs - 05-20-2014


Re: Milestone Hit!! - Gourmet_Mom - 05-20-2014

Enjoy local meat markets along the way?