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The time has come... - labradors - 05-21-2014

Haven't wanted to say very much until the time was pretty close, but my non-participation in the "birthday" dinner, etc. has been due to my be very busy getting ready to move back to the States.

A number of different factors have been making it more difficult, expensive and dangerous to stay here while, at the same time, my opportunities for being useful have diminished.

Also, although my mom is doing okay since my father's passing, I do wish to help her, as well.

Finally, since there wasn't any simple way to earn an income in Honduras, I need to get back to the States to be able to work for pay again.

Thus, although I do still love it here, I am preparing for my return trip to the U.S. next Tuesday,

I still have a lot of packing and cleaning up to do and only a few days more to do it, so please pray that I'll be able to get everything packed for travelling and/or shipping, get the apartment cleaned for moving out and not have any problems with Mimosa, my stuff or anything else at any of the airports along the way.

Re: The time has come... - cjs - 05-21-2014

Wow and I thought our next chapter is exciting! All good luck with the move and arrangements, Labs.

Bet your mom is excited.

Re: The time has come... - Lorraine - 05-21-2014

I know you loved living there, but you have to do what you have to do (we are learning that also). Best of luck in your travels.

Re: The time has come... - karyn - 05-21-2014

Best of luck with your move, Labs! I hope you keep in touch when you can during this busy time.

Re: The time has come... - Trixxee - 05-21-2014

Sending you super safe travel thoughts, Labs. And welcome back to America!

Re: The time has come... - iBcookin - 05-21-2014

Safe travels. Hope everything goes smoothly moving back, can't imagine packing up a household, dog, and all to move out of a country.

We will all be waiting to hear that you are safe back home!

Re: The time has come... - mjkcooking - 05-21-2014

Keep in touch along the way.
We will hope to hear all about your new beginnings
Safe travels

Re: The time has come... - losblanos1 - 05-21-2014

Godspeed Rob!

Re: The time has come... - BarbaraS - 05-21-2014


I wish you well in your travels and hope everything goes smoothly. Care to tell us which part of the U.S. you're relocating to?


Re: The time has come... - Gourmet_Mom - 05-21-2014

Godspeed, my friend! You'll be in my prayers!