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T.G.I.F. Dinner, 5/23/14??? - cjs - 05-23-2014

What's on the menu for today for everyone??

Grilled Chicken thighs here, don't know what to go with, tho. Might make some pizza dough today also to have ready.

Re: T.G.I.G. Dinner, 5/23/14??? - luvnit - 05-23-2014

What is T.G.I.G?

I have a ton of pizza toppings I have to get rid of from the party. So maybe pizza, maybe an omelette. This weekend we are roasting a turkey (outside in the convection Nesco). Making turkey sandwiches and coleslaw. Planting the garden, putting up the pool.

I already feel like I'm on vacation!

Re: T.G.I.F. Dinner, 5/23/14??? - cjs - 05-23-2014

Picky d--n (could be 'darn'..... ) - people.

Re: T.G.I.F. Dinner, 5/23/14??? - Trixxee - 05-23-2014

We might just get take out of some sort. I had this weekend's meals all planned out (including Maryann's panzanella and Blane's filet skewers with choron sauce) but Tony's 4 hour trip to the ER yesterday for heart pain put my trip to Costco on hold and his trip to the sausage place on hold and I can't go today because I have to be here for the DW repair man. Whew - what a bunch of details you don't need!

So yeah, probably take out.

Re: T.G.I.F. Dinner, 5/23/14??? - luvnit - 05-23-2014

Oh, you didn't have to change it. I just thought there was some cute phrase like "Thank God I'm Grillin" or "Thank Goodness It's Gravy" . I thought I was missing out of the joke There is a TGIG for Thank God I'm Gay. And I was pretty sure you weren't 'coming out' to us here on the forum

Re: T.G.I.F. Dinner, 5/23/14??? - Mare749 - 05-23-2014

My brother and sister-in-law are in town for the weekend. So, tonight, we are grilling teriyaki salmon and asparagus, but I haven't decided what else because I keep changing my mind. Probably steamed rice, but I may make risotto. Have already made hazelnut pizzelles, orange biscotti, and a lemon ricotta cake for dessert.

And wine. I put the girls on wine detail so they went to see their favorite wine merchant for pairing meals for today and tomorrow.

Re: T.G.I.F. Dinner, 5/23/14??? - cjs - 05-23-2014

JESUS, Laura!! Bloody Mary spewed all over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Trixxee, I'm so sorry and surprised to hear this about Tony?? Has he ever had any warnings before??? What's happening with him?

If your brother is in town, doesn't he usually bring the wine?????? Have fun!!

Re: T.G.I.F. Dinner, 5/23/14??? - Mare749 - 05-23-2014

Yes, he usually ships me a case the week before they come up to visit. However, this was a last minute decision to come for our niece's graduation, our dad's b-day and my own.

On Sunday, we will be having my birthday party here: So, my brother will have plenty of opportunity to "stock me up."

Trixxee, I saw your FB post and was so relieved for both of you Tony got checked out. No one should ever hesitate to do that if something doesn't feel right. Relax and have a good weekend.

Re: T.G.I.F. Dinner, 5/23/14??? - cjs - 05-23-2014

Sounds like a fun winery, Maryann!!

Re: T.G.I.F. Dinner, 5/23/14??? - Trixxee - 05-23-2014

Thanks, guys. No, he has never had a problem/scare before. All indications say he's ok. He's supposed to follow up with his doctor though I don't know what more there is to do other than lose some weight (which we both need to work on).

OK, today he is getting the sausage for the panzanella (making that tomorrow) but he's also picking up a baguette and their green olive/caper/pimento tapenade for tonight. Frankly I could just make a meal out of that with some wine but I settled on linguine with clams - got to have something saucey for bread wiping.