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Saturday's Dinner, 5/24/14?? - cjs - 05-24-2014

What's on the menu for everyone today??

The last of my fresh meat is burger, so maybe grilled burgers and chips and now that I've converted my little grill, I may make a mini meatloaf with some of the burger and try grilled baked potato and meatloaf.....

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 5/24/14?? - Trixxee - 05-24-2014

I am doing Maryann's b-day dinner (the salad and the dessert) but not the drink.

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 5/24/14?? - Mare749 - 05-24-2014

Trixxee, hope you love it! I forgot to take a pic. Would you mind taking one? We didn't end up making the drink either. Somebody didn't want to spend $30 on a bottle of something he might not like.

Dinner tonight with my brother and sister-in-law. Ron is grilling his "now famous" pork loin that he cooked a few weeks ago that was spectacular. That will go on the charcoal grill and he will give it just a light smoke.

Also doing roasted sweet potatoes and either roasted brussel sprouts or green beans and Asian coleslaw. Chilled ricotta cake for dessert. And, more wine, of course!

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 5/24/14?? - cjs - 05-24-2014

"Somebody" is playing it right, huh??

Got to get off the butt and get this made - I did commit.

Just took a mini-pie shell out of oven to add some "Travelin' Chocolate Pudding" to for dessert. The way we're eating, going to have to walk at least 100 laps around the park!!!

edited to add: Maryann, just looked at the dinner ingredients and saw that the drink calls for Amaretto - is that what Ron was hesitant about?? Funny story - years and years ago, about October (always did have Christmas done early) we bought our first bottle of Amaretto for friends. After a week or so, we weakened and opened it to try, had to buy another one for them. It was so good we ended up replacing it about 3 times before we finally gave them one for Christmas....

Order a shot of it in a bar sometime and I think Ron would be hooked!!

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 5/24/14?? - luvnit - 05-24-2014

We are doing a big turkey tomorrow. So I am making some sides today and a Rhubarb dessert or two.

As for us, what are we gong to eat?? I think Brad wants to grill a mess of pork pork chops and make some Texas Caviar served with Blue Tortilla chips. Simple, easy, delish!

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 5/24/14?? - Gourmet_Mom - 05-24-2014

I have flank steak in a marinade and plenty of salad is made. I think I may do potato salad and have plenty for tomorrow's cook out with burgers, dogs, and baked beans. Sounds like a plan to me!

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 5/24/14?? - Trixxee - 05-24-2014

Maryann - looks like our plans changed for dinner tonight (again -second night in a row - why do I plan anything???) but am shooting for tomorrow for the panzanella.

And of course I will take pictures.

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 5/24/14?? - Mare749 - 05-24-2014

Thanks Trixxee. Hope you like it.

Jean, I think you must have been looking at another drink recipe. The one posted with my b-day dinner was a Campari with soda. Ron looked up Campari and found out that it is bitter and is an acquired taste. He doesn't like anything bitter, so decided he really didn't want to buy it.

As for Amaretto, we both love it as well as Frangelico and almost always have one or the other on hand since I often use them in baking.

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 5/24/14?? - cjs - 05-24-2014

Well shoot - I missed the drink recipe when my eye saw the 'amaretto' called for in the strawberry recipe....sorry.

Re: Saturday's Dinner, 5/24/14?? - BarbaraS - 05-24-2014

Hubby's BD today. So it's Macs N Cheese with hot dogs. Chocolate cake for dessert.