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Tuesday's Dinner, 5/27/14?? - cjs - 05-27-2014

What's for dinner for everyone today??

We're going to take off for the day, so no telling where we'll end up and what we'll have.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 5/27/14?? - karyn - 05-27-2014

Have a fun day, Jean. It's the last week of school and I'm swamped! I am so realy for days when I can just take off!!

Tonight we're having chicken kebabs and a Mediterranean rice salad.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 5/27/14?? - cjs - 05-27-2014

Karyn, you and Daphne are sure close to some good down time!!!

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 5/27/14?? - Trixxee - 05-27-2014

We are grilling beef/vegetable kabobs served with choron sauce. I might make a box of au gratin potatoes.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 5/27/14?? - losblanos1 - 05-27-2014

Tonight it's baked blueberry French toast with sausage.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 5/27/14?? - Gourmet_Mom - 05-27-2014

I'm afraid Karyn has me beat by two and a half weeks! Good luck, Karyn! I know what you must be going through! I'm looking at two weeks of testing starting next week. Thankfully, I'm close to wrapping up my grades. No last minute stress there this year!

Tonight, we had storms moving through, so I made an old favorite from Cooking Light, Baked Pasta with Italian Sausage, Tomatoes, and Cheese. I forgot how good this is! It could feed an army, so the kids will get a good early dinner tomorrow night, and I will have a good dinner to freeze for a night in the next two weeks when I'm too exhausted to cook.