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VOT-BABY ALERT - Gourmet_Mom - 06-13-2014

As some of you know from Facebook, Aleana has been experiencing serious swelling in the past few weeks. Finally, the doctor tested her for preeclampsia. And sure enough, she has it and they admitted her today. They are softening her cervix tonight and will induce labor tomorrow. So Miss Emmalynn Parker DeLaney will be here very soon!!!! Hoping Aleana has no further complications. Her blood pressure is pretty high, but fortunately she is in a brand new high tech birthing center in the city. But lots of positive thought s and prayer are needed.

Re: VOT-BABY ALERT - Harborwitch - 06-13-2014

Crossing fingers and sending prayers for an easy delivery! I can't wait to see pictures.

Re: VOT-BABY ALERT - Mare749 - 06-13-2014

You know you can count on lots of good thoughts and prayers from us!

Re: VOT-BABY ALERT - mjkcooking - 06-13-2014

My gosh. I am behind times. Have prayers coming her way and for baby too

Re: VOT-BABY ALERT - Gourmet_Mom - 06-13-2014

Update! Started petocin to induce labor tonight! Full moon on our side!

Thanks, you guys!

Re: VOT-BABY ALERT - Old Bay - 06-14-2014

Prayers everywhere!

Re: VOT-BABY ALERT - BarbaraS - 06-14-2014

Prayers here too for Aleana and the baby!


Re: VOT-BABY ALERT - Gourmet_Mom - 06-14-2014

Thanks, you guys! I knew I could count on you!

UPDATE: Sadly, still no progress. Took her off of Pitocin for a short break this morning. They will start again soon. So frustrating!

Re: VOT-BABY ALERT - cjs - 06-14-2014

That little stinker, Miss Emmalynn is just not ready quite yet to meet her world. She'll do it on her on terms - I like her already!!

More prayers headed you'alls way.

Re: VOT-BABY ALERT - DFen911 - 06-14-2014

Daphne thank you for all the updates! Been thinking of you guys since I read the post yesterday. Keeping you all in my heart and thoughts

Emmalynn you are already so loved my dear. Come out and meet us