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Empty House - cjs - 06-14-2014

You ought to see this house - we've sold almost everything out from under ourselves. Couches gone, dining room set gone, one glider gone, It echos in here.

One freezer gone, thinngs are selling right and left. I'm glad the people are slow to come pick up the grill 'cause I'm going to have to bring the trailer dinky one up for the balance of time.

Interesting times around here.

Re: Empty House - Mare749 - 06-14-2014

Jean, what happened??? I thought the couple who is buying your house wanted everything in it? I was so happy for you because it meant less work for you. But, now it's not sounding that way at all!

Re: Empty House - Harborwitch - 06-15-2014

Echoing Maryann here . . . WTH? Are you going to store stuff for when the urge to settle down strikes? Gawd - I would so hate to be in your shoes . . . what about the wine cellar?! OMG

Re: Empty House - cjs - 06-15-2014

Idon't know, they are taking some stuff but not much. We're still storing a lot of stuff for later.

I should add that we decided we could make more money selling the stuff ourselves (which we are happy dance) but I didn't think things would sell so quickly.

Re: Empty House - Harborwitch - 06-15-2014

Since our RV adventure was just going to be for 3 months (that was Oct 2010!)all of our stuff in still in storage in ND. With luck we'll go back next Spring and deal with it.

Re: Empty House - DFen911 - 06-15-2014

Jean are you guys going to take the mattress you loved from the trailer and put in the house back in the trailer?

I can't believe how fast everything seems to be moving for you guys!

Re: Empty House - cjs - 06-16-2014

We replaced the trailer mattress at the time we brought the one in the house.

Re: Empty House - cjs - 06-20-2014

We have moved so many times over the years and I so wish I'd thought of doing this way way back when. I'm taking pictures of the contents of each box as I pack it. Especially as they will be stored for about a year. Seeing everything will help a lot down the road,

Re: Empty House - Gourmet_Mom - 06-20-2014

What a cool idea!

Re: Empty House - cjs - 06-30-2014

Well, might as well add on to this thread....a crises has come up. We hit a deer yesterday on the way home and when we looked, the damage didn't look too bad - HA! Roy took the truck into the mechanic this a.m. to have the fender straightened out.

Looking under the truck, the fender is almost touching the front wheel, something is puncturing the radiator, and quite a bit more damage. How we made it home under those conditions, I have no idea. It'll be about a week (mechanic guarnateed ) for it to be repaired. So now here we are with the tracker in Oregon and the truck in the shop, so it's car rental time. PIDDLE!!

The deer was killed, thank God! We stopped at the first place we could to tell them and the guy said, he was so sorry for us, but that it's been happening almoxt everyday around that area. I don't think it's rutting sesson yet, is it/?????? Anyway this is the lastest chapter.

Think I'd better keep St. Joseph real close.