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Cooking blog help? - Sammi - 06-26-2014

Hello everyone!

I'm new here so I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place or if it's a silly question - I hope someone can help! I just wondered if anyone here keeps their own food blog or website at all? I'm using my summer to get better at cooking and explore lots of new recipes and ingredients, and I want to find a way to get my (probably hilariously bad) photos and recipes together online. The only problem is I've no idea where to start! Wordpress seems popular but it looks quite complicated to use, so thinking of using something like 1and1 (link there if anyone wants a look) which seems more straightforward. But I really could do with some advice! What do you guys reckon?

Thanks so much!


Re: Cooking blog help? - cjs - 06-26-2014

Afraid I can't be of much help, but a couple of bloggers here. Denise has a great one and I'm sure she'll be along soon this a.m. with lots of advice for you.

Sounds like a fun summer you have planned for yourself.

Re: Cooking blog help? - Mare749 - 06-26-2014

I can't help either, but it does sound like a good way to keep all your recipes, notes and pix in the same place. Good luck with your summer project.

Re: Cooking blog help? - Gourmet_Mom - 06-26-2014

Welcome, Sammi! I'm no help either, but I look forward to the advice I'm sure is coming. This is something I look forward to doing some day. Good luck!

Re: Cooking blog help? - DFen911 - 06-26-2014

Hi Sammi As Jean mentioned I have a blog and I have my categorized by events since I wanted a blog to reflect my move from a big city in S. Calif to the rural country of Oregon.

Oregon Green Acres Click here to see the blog.

I use Wordpress to host my blog, it's free and offers a lot of control for free site. You could organize your recipes by type, meats etc the same way I did (You'll see my categories on the right side). Pictures are a lot easier to upload and organize than Blogger (offered thru Google).

Hope that helps, if you have questions let me know or message me.