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Sunday's Dinner, 6/29?/14?? - cjs - 06-29-2014

What's for dinner?

We're on the road.

Re: Sunday's Dinner, 6/29?/14?? - Mare749 - 06-29-2014

Not sure yet, but my goal is to sit down with my magazines and do some menu planning. So bored with cooking lately and with fixing something on the fly.

Re: Sunday's Dinner, 6/29?/14?? - BarbaraS - 06-29-2014

I'm doing the Confetti Pasta and Arugula salad from the latest issue. Forgot how tasty Peppadews are!


Re: Sunday's Dinner, 6/29?/14?? - Harborwitch - 06-29-2014

The plan is that we will have the Jalapeno Chicken Burgers that Karyn posted a link for. Tonight's a late night for me, and Bob is off so he'll have the kitchen.

I know how you feel Maryann. I think part of my "meh" attitude is the late shift and our screwy hours. The issues with the oven and my back haven't helped. I thought about a chuck roast to throw in the crockpot - $5.98 a pound at freaking Walmart! I gagged and choked and decided that we'd have something else.

Re: Sunday's Dinner, 6/29?/14?? - BarbaraS - 06-29-2014


I know what you mean by sticker shock. The last time I did a pot roast in the slow cooker, the 3+ lb piece of meat ran over $20. WTH? It's chuck roast!!


Re: Sunday's Dinner, 6/29?/14?? - Mare749 - 06-29-2014

Wow, that is a lot, Sharon. I don't use much beef except for the occasional steak in the summer and a roast once or twice in the winter, so didn't realize the prices rising until recently. We are trying to use smaller amounts of meat these days which is healthier anyway.

My problem is just disorganization on my part. Much busier these days and don't plan ahead.

Re: Sunday's Dinner, 6/29?/14?? - karyn - 06-29-2014

My understanding is that the drought in the west has been brutal for the beef industry. According to my cousin (the cattle rancher) it's almost impossible to make a profit despite the higher prices. They're having to spend a ton on feed because the grass just isn't there in Central California. They've sold off most of their cattle. I have to really want a good steak these days to pay the prices they're charging!

Tonight isn't that night...we're having grilled chicken, garlic bread and Caesar salad.

Re: Sunday's Dinner, 6/29?/14?? - DFen911 - 06-29-2014

I remember when chicken wings were .99 cents a pound. They are now $3.79 a pound up here. Skirt steak used to be a cheap cut of meat a couple of years ago and now it's over $8 a pound! Drives me bonkers. I knew beef was going to up in price with the loss of all the cattle, flooding of their food source like corn etc, but my gosh.

Re: Sunday's Dinner, 6/29?/14?? - Gourmet_Mom - 06-29-2014

We had a crisis at the Smithfield pork plant recently.....huge plant that had to ditch all the product. We expect prices to rise significantly!

Harris Teeter had a sale on Angus Beef while in the city today. While $8.99 a pound sounds high, these thick cut steaks look great! That and leftover Shrimp and Grits will be dinner.

Re: Sunday's Dinner, 6/29?/14?? - cjs - 06-30-2014

OH thanks, Daphne - Shrimp & Grits!! While with Trace Saturday we talked quite a while about the shrimp and grits that she and Billy fought over (the leftovers I sent home with them) all the way back to Oregon one time. And, how mad Roy was that I had even sent them with those two!! _

I'm so used to buying bulk at Costco with better prices, that it's really going to hurt buying onesies/twosies while in the trailer.