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Sunday Dinner, 7/6/14?? - cjs - 07-06-2014

What's on the menu for everyone today?

Doing some braising here. Rubbed down a couple of small pkgs. of pork ribs yesterday and also a pork roast and will cook them today. Trying to get some dishes ready for the last few days.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 7/6/14?? - DFen911 - 07-06-2014

I'm heading to Eugene today so will be up something.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 7/6/14?? - losblanos1 - 07-06-2014

Chinese tonight, House special chow mein.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 7/6/14?? - Mare749 - 07-06-2014

I am making Bud's Beans from "A Chef's Journey Home". This is a tasty dish all by itself with some buttered bread, but we're going to grill some hotdogs to have with it.

Jean, this has been a big hit with our family, especially son-in-law, Bob. We probably should just start calling the dish Bob's beans some day because he just LOVES them!

Re: Sunday Dinner, 7/6/14?? - cjs - 07-06-2014

That would be sacrilege unless s-i-l Bob promises to raise his fork to Bud everytime he has the beans!!!

This was always one dish he would never agree to Mom sending home in a care package.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 7/6/14?? - karyn - 07-06-2014

What a great story!

We're having Greek salad with grilled chicken.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 7/6/14?? - Gourmet_Mom - 07-06-2014

A tribute day to my grandmother. For lunch, I finally fried up my boiled baby red potatoes to go with left over burgers and beans. As a child, no Sunday family dinner, family reunion, or church homecoming was complete without my grandmother's chicken pastry, butterbeans, and chicken salad with pound cake for dessert. That was dinner tonight...minus the cake.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 7/6/14?? - cjs - 07-06-2014

I love our family connections to our food!

Re: Sunday Dinner, 7/6/14?? - Harborwitch - 07-06-2014

Funny . . . I was looking at Bud's Beans yesterday. I think tonight is going to be pork sandwiches, with slaw and corn on the cob with elote. I got up and baked an Apricot & Raspberry pie this AM and I have some Double Chocolate Gelato to go with.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 7/6/14?? - Gourmet_Mom - 07-06-2014

Me too, Jean. Sweet memories! And even though my kids were young when my grandmother died, her memory stays alive in my cooking on nights like this. I really wanted to make her cornbread, especially since Aleana and her father, who came home with them, have never had this kind of Southern cooking. But I didn't have any shortening...and you can NOT make this kind of fried cornbread in oil. Plus William would have KILLED me! He LOVES it and it's not on his diet list! LOL!

They really enjoyed it! And Andrew said he thinks I finally nailed her chicken salad! I've always fallen short of Mom's. I don't know if he lied to save my feelings, but I don't care! LOL! But the final test will be Ashley when she picks hers up tomorrow. She's my toughest critic!