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Ooops - Monday's Dinner, 7/14/14?? - cjs - 07-14-2014

Almost forgot to post this............
What's on the menu for everyone??

Our friends sent us home with a large container of seafood stew from dinner last night, so think I'll spice it up a tad and add a little pasta to it. That's be an easy, delicious dinner.
Is this what you want to see when you step into a kitchen for dinner?????????????????? I think he was flipping me off........
[Image: 2014-07-13054926_zpsd438b592.jpg]

But, he did a great job!
[Image: 2014-07-13060413_zps76349423.jpg]

Re: Ooops - Monday's Dinner, 7/14/14?? - DFen911 - 07-14-2014

Safe travels today! Today is the first day of an epic adventure

Re: Ooops - Monday's Dinner, 7/14/14?? - Gourmet_Mom - 07-14-2014

Not sure yet, but I'm seriously considering trying these Asian Glazed Drumsticks .

Jean that picture is hilarious! And the stew has me drooling!

But heaven help me! I would LOVE to make this!!!! Goat Cheese Fettucine

Re: Ooops - Monday's Dinner, 7/14/14?? - cjs - 07-14-2014

Those drumsticks look tasty!

Hope all excuse my typing for the next year .this ride is bumpy!

Re: Ooops - Monday's Dinner, 7/14/14?? - Gourmet_Mom - 07-14-2014

My boneless skinless thighs didn't look as tasty. But the flavor was great! It took longer than the recipe called for to thicken the sauce...more like 15 minutes? Sadly, I got side tracked while it was simmering and came close to burning it. Next time, I will probably reduce the water amount. The chicken was falling apart after the recommended simmer time with the lid on. And I will stand over it after the first five minutes after raising the temp and removing the lid. But overall, this was a quick and easy meal with a very low calorie count that I will do again. There is a LOT of flavor! Fried rice would have been great with it, but after yesterday, I settled for just the steamed broccoli!

Re: Ooops - Monday's Dinner, 7/14/14?? - Harborwitch - 07-15-2014

Daphne those legs look divine. We're more "thigh" people than drumsticks so I'll take your notes along with the recipe. Thanks for sharing!