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Thursday's Dinner, 7/17/14?? - cjs - 07-17-2014

What's on the menu for everyone today??

We're on the road to Spokane and one of my favorite delis/produce stores around. Putting the l/o toasted quinoa salad w scallop in wraps for breakfast to see us thru the trip.

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 7/17/14?? - Gourmet_Mom - 07-17-2014

I am thinking about looking for something adventurous, but it will probably be steak on the deck with a salad. I will probably be meeting Mom in the city to check on my niece.

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 7/17/14?? - Mare749 - 07-17-2014

We are undecided. Might go out.

ETA: Going to my favorite nice restaurant on the lake:

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 7/17/14?? - Gourmet_Mom - 07-17-2014

Oh, Maryann! I LOVE THE MENU! Let us know what you ordered! And have a lovely romantic evening!

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 7/17/14?? - DFen911 - 07-17-2014

I sure hope she chose the Pier W’s Famous Bouillabaisse. That screamed at me

Hot and now windy here, but hopefully it'll die down in time to grill a couple of NY steaks.

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 7/17/14?? - Gourmet_Mom - 07-17-2014

Same here, Denise! That's what I picked for my imaginary dinner there! And what a cool location!!!!

Our steaks and salad were PERFECT!

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 7/17/14?? - Mare749 - 07-18-2014

Yep, it was calling my name, too! However, we didn't get to eat there last night and walked away disappointed. In all fairness, I should have called ahead for a reservation, which we didn't think we would need on a Thursday.

We haven't been there in a few years and they did some remodeling. What used to be a huge bar area is now much smaller. Not a very good idea considering how many people were walking away because they couldn't get in.

So, lesson learned, and next time we will call ahead.

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 7/17/14?? - cjs - 07-18-2014

Everything on the menu sounds so very good!! How can you go wrong?

We had such a bit(h of a first leg of our journey, we didn't even have dinner - it was so late when we got here. Had to backtrack from the summit of Stevens Pass/Hiway 2 (abot 40 miles) after they closed the hiway to all traffic down the other side because of the fire/smoke.

After we got back to NOrth Bend and onto 90, there was a major pileup at Kittitas because of smoke and high winds and we had about 14 mile detour on back roads to go around the bad area.

Honest to God, what a trip it was!!Finally got settled in the narrowest site we've ever had-pines and bushes so close, Roy was swearing the entire hookup. Oh well, go with the flow travelin'

Now, we can start 7 days of just relaxing!!

Re: Thursday's Dinner, 7/17/14?? - Gourmet_Mom - 07-18-2014

I hate you had such a hard time getting settled! Its good you can take a few days to relax after the frenzy to move.