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Sunday's Dinner, 7/20/14?? - cjs - 07-20-2014

What's for Sunday dinner everyone??

We ran around all day yesterday, so decided to have a grilled steak/corn/red onion & champagne brunch. First one on the road.........

Maybe chicken sandwiches later.

Re: Sunday's Dinner, 7/20/14?? - Mare749 - 07-20-2014

No cooking for me. Heather invited us for dinner. Steaks on the grill from what I overheard...

Re: Sunday's Dinner, 7/20/14?? - luvnit - 07-20-2014

Today is supposed to be Egg Roll Day here!

I am making Biscuits & Gravy for breakfast.

Then time to clean the house a bit... I think we are having company sooon!!!

Re: Sunday's Dinner, 7/20/14?? - losblanos1 - 07-20-2014

Biscuits & gravy sounds so good, I haven't had it in ages.

If I'm not too lazy to stop at the store on my way home from work we'll have mac n' cheese, plan B will be the bistro sandwich.

Re: Sunday's Dinner, 7/20/14?? - Gourmet_Mom - 07-20-2014

Great! Now I have biscuits and gravy craving!

If I don't cave and make that, I'm going with Coke Brined Chicken, corn and tomatoes idea from yesterday.

Re: Sunday's Dinner, 7/20/14?? - cjs - 07-20-2014

I'm so proud of us - meat yes, but with veggies and no starch, 2 days (well, except Roy's 'out to lunch' lunch) so that earns us some brownie points, I hope!!

Bourbon-Glazed Beef Tenderloin (I used T-Bone) with grilled onions and corn is so good. I tried to find a link to Cooking Light for it, but I first made it in 2002, so it's really buried. I'll post if anyone is interested.

and I'm such a happy camper when I pull the steak at the right time!!!

Completely satisfied.

Re: Sunday's Dinner, 7/20/14?? - karyn - 07-20-2014

Jean, that looks so good that I went searching for a link. Is this the recipe? It sounds delicious, as do the caramelized onions that she lists as a side.

We got home really late last night, but we had a fabulous time visiting family and hiking in the Sierras. Today we're having a lazy day doing laundry and getting ready for a really busy week, so I went freezer-diving. Dinner will be Cincinnati Chili and green beans.

Re: Sunday's Dinner, 7/20/14?? - cjs - 07-20-2014

How the heck did you find it, Karyn!! I did find it on someone's blog or site or whatever, but I was really annoyed that she gave no credit to Cooking Light for the source. Hate when folks do that!!!!

Re: Sunday's Dinner, 7/20/14?? - Trixxee - 07-20-2014

We had linguine with clams but I'm still on the fence about it. I tried something new - "frozen clam meat" from Sprouts. I know, already sounds weird. I never use the sandy broth from canned clams so thought this might be an alternative because there is no liquid.

I think they were a little tough. Don't think they were baby clams.

Re: Sunday's Dinner, 7/20/14?? - Harborwitch - 07-21-2014

Jeff went grocery shopping with us and has been providing the protein for the last couple days.

Tonight was Herb Grilled Rack of Lamb - cooked to absolute rare perfection! We served it with horseradish jelly and a pan grilled artichoke with parm. mayo. What an amazing dinner - we're all happily stuffed to the gills!

I didn't even think about taking pictures - it was too darn good!