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My Blog - cjs - 07-20-2014

Here I go again, trying top keep up a blog while we're on the road. If anyone is interested here's the link.

An Old Cook's Rantings

Re: My Blog - luvnit - 07-20-2014

I'm following you!!!

Re: My Blog - Gourmet_Mom - 07-20-2014

Me too!

Re: My Blog - DFen911 - 07-20-2014

Thanks Jean!

Re: My Blog - cjs - 07-20-2014

No, thank you all!

Re: My Blog - Mare749 - 07-20-2014

I'm glad you started a new blog, Jean. Looking forward to following your journey!

Re: My Blog - Harborwitch - 07-21-2014

Oh Jean I love it! I am looking forward to time to spend following your travels! Great blog start!

Re: My Blog - cjs - 07-21-2014

I hope it will be fun.

Re: My Blog - iBcookin - 07-23-2014

How fun for you! Can't wait to hear of your day-to-day travels. This is my ultimate retirement goal, so I am living the dream through you now!

Re: My Blog - cjs - 07-23-2014

Laura helped me resurrect my old blog I started years ago, but I was never very happy with the form of it.

So, Denise, bless her heart (meant only in the best way), offered to set me up on wordpress. So, now I'm going to try to naviagate my way around this new site and see which is easier for me to maintain and for others to read.

I can't thank both Laura and Denise enough for all their help dragging me into the land of computers.