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Canadian Food - Poutine! - cjs - 08-07-2014

This dish represented one of my chosen Canadian foods to make. I could feel the old arteries closing up, but it was so worth it. The gravy from the recipe can be used for all sorts of dishes. In the back of my mind, I’m thinking a pheasant dish when we get to N. Dakota making use of this gravy!! (and...mashed potatoes)The recipe is from Canadian Living, Jennifer Bartoli

I'm not sure where my brain went, but I was half way thru my dish and I thought, "Oh F......piddle, I forgot to put it under the broiler!!!" So, here is how Poutine ought to look and how mine looked, for God's sake.

But, oh, was it delicious!
[Image: 600x400_CL-0714-F-UltimatePoutine-B14037...d0dc69.jpg]

[Image: Aug7Poutine1_zps290de0a3.jpg]

Re: Canadian Food - Poutine! - Gourmet_Mom - 08-07-2014

Oh Jean! The guilt I would feel! It must be the same feeling I get when I cave and get an order of chili cheese fries! But every now and then, the urge just can not be denied! Next time I have my urge, I'll think about that gravy, and I may just give it a try. I love good gravy!!!! But I feel your pain! LOL!

Re: Canadian Food - Poutine! - cjs - 08-08-2014

I only did it in the name of research.......................

Re: Canadian Food - Poutine! - Gourmet_Mom - 08-08-2014

Yea, right! LOL! Gotta love science!!!

Re: Canadian Food - Poutine! - Lorraine - 08-12-2014

It looks fabulous, Jean! I never feel guilty eating it, because we only have it maybe once a year. I really want to make the sauce and freeze it to have in hand.

Re: Canadian Food - Poutine! - cjs - 08-12-2014

Oh, Lorraine, you'll love the gravy!