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Sunday Dinner, 11/9/14?? - cjs - 11-09-2014

What's for dinner today??

Grilling a T-bone and baking sweet potatoes I picked up at the local farmers market today. Slim pickings as the market is really winding down. Also, the other half of a bagged Asian chopped salad with Sesame Ginger dressing & garlic ginger wonton strips that is so good. Have never bought it before.

Also, picked up a jar of candied jalapenos that is out of this world good!! Had it with our snack last night - cream cheese, my cherry relish topped with the jalapeno. Hotter than hell, but it all went together so well. Yum!!

Re: Sunday Dinner, 11/9/14?? - Mare749 - 11-09-2014

We are rotissering a turkey for family dinner. Not making as many sides as we will for Thanksgiving. Just the basics, turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, frozen peas, Hawaiian rolls, and creamy zucchini casserole which is made with stove-top stuffing. Oh, and I did buy a couple bags of cranberries, so will cook one of those.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 11/9/14?? - BarbaraS - 11-09-2014

Breakfast for dinner - omelets with hash browns and bacon. Had a crazy day yesterday - had to support some testing at work. Went in at 4 am and didn't get home until 7:30 pm. Hubby washed out the Jacuzzi for me so I could soak. Aveda has lavender bath salts that smell so great! Slept really well for 11 hours. Good news is I get to take off Monday!


Re: Sunday Dinner, 11/9/14?? - Trixxee - 11-09-2014

My rib eye turned out perfectly with that method, Blane - thank you! We are going to make french dips with the leftovers.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 11/9/14?? - losblanos1 - 11-09-2014

You're welcome Trixxee. Now you have me craving French dips.
Another night when everything sounds so good.

Tonight Carylann is making rajas con crema with chicken, I'm making the sides of black bean cakes and Mexican rice.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 11/9/14?? - Trixxee - 11-09-2014

Oh that sounds good. Care to share the recipe, Blane?

Re: Sunday Dinner, 11/9/14?? - losblanos1 - 11-09-2014

Here you go Trixxee. CA is going to cook the chicken cutlet style, I'm not sure how she's going to plate it.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 11/9/14?? - Gourmet_Mom - 11-09-2014

I can't wait to tell William about the jalapeños!

I'm doing London Broil with baked potatoes and spinach salad with pine nut dressing. It's been a while.

Re: Sunday Dinner, 11/9/14?? - Trixxee - 11-09-2014

Thanks Blane! I went looking for a recipe after you mentioned it and that was one that popped up and caught my eye. I think I'm going to try it tomorrow and am building Tony a grocery list as we speak. I might add some corn to it, and garnish with cilantro.

Thank you for the idea. I was looking around for something new for tomorrow (since it's a holiday the next day there isn't the same pressure to get dinner and homework done so quickly).

Re: Sunday Dinner, 11/9/14?? - Gourmet_Mom - 11-09-2014

Change of plans. We're having an appy night....sautéed Calimari and Korean BBQ Venison. Suits me! The boys are cooking, so I get tonight off! And dinner tomorrow is easy and planned, too!