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Foods of Mississippi - cjs - 11-11-2014

As we hit each state, I look for that state's favorite foods/dishes/drinks and Mississippi is a fun food state. (Missouri was too, but man I overloaded on BBQ!)

A few dishes of Mississippi favorites –

Red Beans & Rice - Any RVers out there – There is a great pkg’d dinner mix I tried that is so flavorful, it’s like it was made from scratch! I’m having a devil of a time finding Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning, but as I check stores I am running into his products. Picked up Creole Red Beans and Rice Dinner Mix and wow, it is so good. It’s just ridiculous to think of having all the ingredients/seasonings in my trailer and this one solves the problem.
[Image: Nov10PulledPorksandredbeansandricemix_zps3e395d1a.jpg]
If you’re on the road anyone ( Denise Red Fennell & Derek ), this is one to try. Great with a pulled pork sandwich

Fried Oysters – with Corn Chowder. And my chowder has to be drizzled with Tabasco only, no other hot sauce will do for me for the flavor.
[Image: Nov10CornChowderwOysters_zps5814710a.jpg]

Stretching it a little, but we are heading south – Candied Jalapeno Peach Ice Cream. One of the best combinations so far in this continuing fascination with flavoring our ice cream.
[Image: Nov10CandiedJalapenoPeachIceCreamCne_zps3dcd7fdf.jpg]

Turnip greens – had for the first time and I’m certainly hooked – now, to cook them for myself.

Black-eyed peas – have used them for years, but in conjunction with stews and soups and such. I’ve never just had a dish of the beans themselves as a side. I love them!

Over the years, I have taken these silly quizzes of say, “How many of these foods have you eaten?,” which usually offer exotic dishes and adventurous foods and I can answer yes to almost all of them. But, for everyday local foods, I sure wouldn’t be able to; so I’m having fun tasting everything our country has to offer.

Re: Foods of Mississippi - Mare749 - 11-11-2014

Certainly all looks delicious, Jean! It sounds like so much fun to try local foods for everywhere you go. Love your pics!

Re: Foods of Mississippi - Gourmet_Mom - 11-11-2014

Jean, I've got a challenge for you! Try cooking your peas with smoked pork and then with salt cured ham. See which way you'll like better.

Also, my dad made the best peas EVER! He would have that as a side with is BBQ at catering events. As a joke, he'd always have a bottle of bluing nearby. It never failed that some one would ask why he had bluing. He'd always say he added that (which of course he did not) so that when the beans give you gas, you'll be able to fart a blue streak! LOL!

I'm sorry. I'll go to my room now.

Re: Foods of Mississippi - Old Bay - 11-11-2014

I do my peas with a ham hock, a med onion, celery stalks, and a splash of red wine. Serve it over Southern (not sweet) corn bread..

Re: Foods of Mississippi - Mare749 - 11-11-2014

Daphne, your dad sounds like he was a riot.

Re: Foods of Mississippi - DFen911 - 11-11-2014

Jean I really need your corn chowder recipe please

Re: Foods of Mississippi - Gourmet_Mom - 11-12-2014

Maryann, he was! That very thing really gives a pretty good snapshot of his personality. I miss him so much this time of year. Not only was his birthday last week on the second, this was the time of year we would do so much cooking! Add to that, he and William's mother were a riot together! Her birthday was today.

Since William and I had birthdays so well as his dad and Hooker, they (both Agnes and my dad) would throw HUGE Pig picking parties for us and all our (and their) friends! That was the reason for the nice brick BBQ grill that exists in my longer used....sadly. One year Agnes invited William's whole fraternity for a Pig Pickin' over summer break. She rented campers to house them all!!!! About 20 or 30 of our college and high school friends came out for a HUGE weekend party! We used to have a blast here!

Special memories......times are different now, I guess? I treasure those days and can not make any of those dishes without recalling each and every one of those events. Same is true of cooking crabs, clam bakes, Low country boils(shrimp-a-roos), oyster roasts, and catfish stew or fries. William and I always reminisce every time we make them together and talk about how much his mom and my father would get a kick out of being there. We cry together and laugh about the funny things that happened at each event and share with the kids who are always there. They are always done as family events. And the kids are tolerant to hear all the same old stories every time.

It was cool that both our families had so many great times together...all linked to food. Yes, special memories.

Re: Foods of Mississippi - Mare749 - 11-12-2014

Great story, Daphne. Thank you for sharing that.

Re: Foods of Mississippi - cjs - 11-12-2014

Yes!! Those kind of family dos are something to remember. We had the same tradition for about 25 years of our Pig BBQs. Our friends, the kids friends, in-laws, out-laws, just about everyone we knew and those too would last a weekend with sleeping bags all over the yard and every bedroom and couch filled.

Bill and Daphne - sounds like I do the same as you both except with navy beans and as a soup. Always use a ham bone or hock, onions, celery. I think my challenge will be to reduce the water enough to be able to use them as a side dish rather than a soup. We really enjoyed them as a side for a change.

Denise, Do you have Black Beans & Corn?? - it's on page 72 and I've found since the book came out, I prefer using 2 cans of cream style corn rather than just one. If you don't have the book, I will send the recipe to you for sure.

Re: Foods of Mississippi - cjs - 11-12-2014

Mississippi Breakfast Casserole - the usual ingredients for a strata, but somehow this one is a little tastier and I can't figure out why!! (one thing - no mustard, which I normally usually add to a strata might mute the fresher, vibrant flavors???? ) interesting idea.

[Image: Nov12MississippiBkfstCassworanges_zpsda257d19.jpg]

The only thing I'd do differently is using the sausage as patties makes it difficult to eat (but, it is prettier ) - I'd just scatter the broken up sausage as a layer.

MIssissippi Breakfast Casserole