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Spinach Tortilla Pizza - cjs - 11-15-2014

this is my favorite side dish to have with soups and stews on cold wintry nights.

[Image: Nov14TortillaPizza_zps6e8b2511.jpg]

And, how easy and fast can you get -
lay out a wrap size tortilla (we love the Spinach flavored) on baking sheet (dusted with cornmeal)
smear with a little pizza sauce
scatter shredded cheese - this is Swiss
1/4 cup (about) diced cooked meat (I used Prosciutto)
Green onions
Pickled jalapeno slices

Bake at 375 for 8 to 10 minutes.

Re: Spinach Tortilla Pizza - Mare749 - 11-15-2014

Love this idea and I keep forgetting to try it. Must do soon.

Re: Spinach Tortilla Pizza - Cubangirl - 11-15-2014

This is really good and easy. pizzadilla .

Re: Spinach Tortilla Pizza - Gourmet_Mom - 11-15-2014

It all sounds really good!

Re: Spinach Tortilla Pizza - cjs - 11-15-2014

I make those, also, Alina!! So good!