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Chrstmas Book - cjs - 11-29-2014

I try to find a Christmas book/story to read during the days leading up to Christmas and found this to save for a couple of weeks before I dig in. (and, it was free )

What Happened at Christmas

Lady Camille Lydingham loves her family, but they are totally wrong for the part. The one thing Prince Nikolai of Greater Avalonia wishes above all else is to spend Christmas with a proper English family, and Camille’s relatives are anything but proper. So, to fulfill the prince’s holiday wish (and perhaps ensure her place as the next Princess of Greater Avalonia), Camille hires a troupe of actors to impersonate members of her immediate family and act as servants at Millworth Manor. Camille is all set to raise the curtains on her production of a good, old-fashioned English Christmas when a player not in the original script suddenly walks onstage. Eleven years earlier, Grayson Elliott and Camille were set to marry until she threw him over for another man. Now Gray returns to write a new part for himself in Camille’s life. With an extraordinary flair for creating delightfully entertaining characters and an impeccable sense of comic timing worthy of Gilbert and Sullivan, Alexander presents readers with a splendidly sexy holiday gift. --John Charles

Anyone else enjoy Christmas books??

Re: Chrstmas Book - Gourmet_Mom - 11-29-2014

I don't look for particular Christmas books, but I like the idea. And I love this story line! I'll be checking it out! Thanks!

Re: Chrstmas Book - cjs - 11-29-2014

I always look for one every year. I think it gets me in the mood....but, this one may be too close home with dysfunctional family & all!

Re: Chrstmas Book - Mare749 - 11-29-2014

I look for new Christmas stories every year. My sister and I are like addicts and usually read several during the holidays, even the sappy ones.

Re: Chrstmas Book - Mare749 - 11-30-2014

Jean, I downloaded 3 today including the one you bought!

Re: Chrstmas Book - cjs - 11-30-2014

What others did you find, Maryann??

Re: Chrstmas Book - Mare749 - 11-30-2014

"Bah, Humbug!" and "Once Upon a Christmas". They might be dumb but I don't care. They were free. If I don't get interested in the first 10 minutes or so, I delete them.

Re: Chrstmas Book - Gourmet_Mom - 11-30-2014

Where did you guys find these? I want to save this thread for later. If I download now, I'll start reading now. I need to finalize grades and pack my stuff in the next two weeks!


Re: Chrstmas Book - cjs - 11-30-2014

Amazon, Daphne - mine was free and looks like Maryann's were also, so just behave your own self and get them now!!!!

Re: Chrstmas Book - Gourmet_Mom - 11-30-2014

You don't seem to understand my lack of restraint in this area, Jean!

Okay, done! But if I read them all before the week is out, I'm blaming you! LOL!