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Review: Stuffed Banana Peppers - labradors - 12-04-2014

A few weeks ago, my mom made a recipe from my late aunt (who had probably gotten it from the Internet, anyway). These Stuffed Banana Peppers were SO yummy that I wanted to post about it here, but I forgot to transcribe the recipe at the time. Now, it's all entered into Group Recipes at the link, above, and ready for your enjoyment.

Since my mom follows what my aunt did and parboils the peppers before removing the seeds, this dish packs quite an initial sting, but you get used to it quickly enough. It probably wouldn't be as hot if you removed the seeds before parboiling the peppers (or removed the seeds and didn't parboil the peppers at all), but we love the way it turns out, as written, and is absolutely addictive.

This was a recipe that my mom had gotten from my aunt when I was still in Honduras (where I couldn't get banana peppers and none of the available peppers were that suitable for it), so this was only the second time I've had it (she made it one other time, shortly after I returned to the States). I can see why it quickly became a favourite that my mom and dad had many times and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we do.

Re: Review: Stuffed Banana Peppers - Mare749 - 12-04-2014

What's not to like about that recipe? Peppers stuffed with bacon, cheese, etc. Yum. Did you make the sauce or dip?

Re: Review: Stuffed Banana Peppers - cjs - 12-04-2014

I agree - really sound tasty!

Re: Review: Stuffed Banana Peppers - Trixxee - 12-04-2014

Oh yum - I'll take an order please.

Re: Review: Stuffed Banana Peppers - foodfiend - 12-04-2014

This may work for a Christmas Eve party we've been invited to... thanks Lab!

Re: Review: Stuffed Banana Peppers - labradors - 12-05-2014

We use the "Sauce."

Dill and pickles are not my favourite things, but they are perfect in this dish.

Re: Review: Stuffed Banana Peppers - cjs - 12-05-2014

That's good to know, Labs - they are not mine either.