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Cuisine Customer Service - Mare749 - 12-30-2014

I want to compliment Cuisine's customer service department for handling my issue yesterday, quickly and politely. I could tell that they were pretty busy after just coming off a holiday and did have to wait a few minutes to get a rep. But, once I got someone on the line, the problem was resolved.

My daughter had purchased the Cuisine DVD for me, something that I have long wanted but didn't want to spend the money on myself. I was thrilled, but could not get online access to the complete collection due to the fact that she had purchased the DVD in her name and had received a receipt on her email rather than mine. Since the offices were closed after Christmas, I had to wait until yesterday to call.

Anyway, I forgot to ask the young lady for her name, but just wanted to thank her for fixing this for me.

Re: Cuisine Customer Service - Roxanne 21 - 12-30-2014

Not often that we have "great" customer service these days. Good on your daughter, too!!

I have found that the reps at C@H are always most helpful and resolve situations most promptly

Re: Cuisine Customer Service - cjs - 12-30-2014

Good for Cuisine at Home!!!

Re: Cuisine Customer Service - DFen911 - 12-31-2014

Anytime I have had to contact them it's been phenomenal! And I've called, emailed and online chat and never once have I been disappointed