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From Group Recipes - cjs - 01-17-2015

This sounds very interesting - roughly written, but easy to get the point.

Manakeesh - Pies: Thyme, Meat, Cheese

Re: From Group Recipes - karyn - 01-17-2015

That sounds really good. I made something similar called Lamacun or Turkish Pizza, which we enjoyed, but I think the thyme and pomegranate might be even better!

Re: From Group Recipes - Mare749 - 01-17-2015

It does sound interesting. But, the 1/3 cup of "dried" thyme kind of scares me. It sounds like it would be way too much.

Re: From Group Recipes - cjs - 01-17-2015

I agree Maryann - it's something to play with tho.

Re: From Group Recipes - Gourmet_Mom - 01-17-2015

That's just one suggestion of filling. Some of the others sounded good, though. But the temperature, or lack there of, at the end is confusing? Did I miss something?

Re: From Group Recipes - cjs - 01-18-2015

Just googled 'Manakeesh' - how very interesting -


The above recipe makes 1 using 1 1/2 cups flour in the dough - and 1 cup thyme!! among the toppings. So, evidently thyme is very big in Arabian foods.

Interesting link.