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Completely OT-----free books - Mare749 - 02-04-2015

A friend told me about another website for free books for kindle, nook, etc. so I checked it out. Very easy, just put in your email address and click off a few boxes with your preferences and that's it. Some books are free, others are a couple bucks. They send you a short list of books every day. Today I got a low carb cookbook free.

The website is

Re: Completely OT-----free books - cjs - 02-04-2015

I do get that one, too. I looked at that book and wondered iif I would use it. Does it look good?

Re: Completely OT-----free books - karyn - 02-04-2015

I've been getting the BookBub e-mails for a long time. The deals are amazing, but suddenly you wind up with dozens of books in your cue (they were so cheap!!) and there's a new release you REALLY want to read, but the guilt of reading that before your read all of the unread selections you have at your fingertips is stressful! (Yes, this is definitely a first-world problem)...sigh.

I'm actually about to unsubscribe because I've found it keeps me from reading what I really want. However, it is a terrific source if you are more disciplined about your selections than I am!!

Re: Completely OT-----free books - labradors - 02-04-2015

Thanks! Have bookmarked it (no pun intended).

Re: Completely OT-----free books - foodfiend - 02-04-2015

Thanks Maryann, I just signed up.

Re: Completely OT-----free books - Gourmet_Mom - 02-04-2015

I'll be checking that out. Thanks, Maryann!

Re: Completely OT-----free books - cjs - 02-05-2015

I have no discipline when it comes to grabbing books! But, while we're on the subject, when I 'click' on "Remove from device" don't think it deletes a book permanently, does it??

I don't think I'm doing it right.

Re: Completely OT-----free books - Mare749 - 02-05-2015

If it's on kindle, you have to do the same thing once more and then touch "remove from cloud" to permanently delete it.