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recipe reviews - coco hernandez - 02-12-2006

When I started to receive Cuisine at Home, the forum was full of comments about recipes in the current issue. Now no one ever reviews these recipes. Why has this changed? Doesn't anyone ever cook from the magazine? I always looked foreward to reading about what people have tried. coco

Re: recipe reviews - gharborwa - 02-13-2006

I agree with you. It seems like this site is so rarely used for recipe discussion (or really for anything). I don't think it is particularly user friendly. I have addressed this issue and asked questions about it, but no moderator has ever taken the time to respond. I would love to have a more active group here.

Re: recipe reviews - piano226 - 02-13-2006

I have 4 friends that subscribe to Cuisine at Home and we always share our thoughts on the things we tried from the magazine. I would love for people to share their opinions. I tried a couple of times to give review but really got no response.

Re: recipe reviews - VegasDramaQueen - 02-14-2006

I agree with Piano, no one seems to care to come into this site and we are all losing interest. I stopped giving advice and information because I got no response and didn't know whether it was read or not. I probably won't be on this for much longer. I've found so many other sites that are so interesting and friendly.

Re: recipe reviews - piano226 - 02-14-2006

WEll tell us about the other sites. I would love it if people posted kind of thumbs up or down on the stuff they made from cuisine at home. I normally make at least 2-3 things from each magazine and so do my friends.

Re: recipe reviews - TwilightKitten - 02-14-2006

Oh, I just found this site! Don't leave me here all alone! Ok, ok, I made the coconut cake from issue 20 the other was tasty but a little dry. I didn't make the lime curd with it...but wish I did. Ok, I know that was an old recipe but it's something! There...will you guys stay a little longer now?

Re: recipe reviews - Old Bay - 02-15-2006

Out of the Feb 06 issue we plan to try the sausage arrabiatta w/Gocchi and also the Parmesan orzo. Incidently we are making parmesan baskets this weekend from Vol 20--3/4-2000. The potato gruyere/gratin from the same issue was fabulous.

Re: recipe reviews - piano226 - 02-15-2006

I have not been subscribing that long. Would you mind posting a recipe for that potatoes. They sound fabulous.


Re: recipe reviews - TwilightKitten - 02-15-2006

I want to make the gnocchi too but I don't have the guts to try it without the gnocchi board or the patience it to push the potatoes through my tiny fine mesh sieve. So I guess until I get the proper equipment, I'll just drool over the pictures. I'd love to hear how yours comes out...and if you pick up any tips along the way, I'd love to hear them!

Re: recipe reviews - Old Bay - 02-15-2006

You can buy good potato gnocchi at specialty stores or upscale grocery stores. Packaged--no refrigeration until opened.