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Tomaato - Tomahto?????????? - cjs - 02-21-2015

Trying to figure out which term/name to use in a cookbook -

Slow Cooker

I use them interchangeably but I need to be consistent and can't choose!

What's the consensus?? Thanks

Re: Tomaato - Tomahto?????????? - mjkcooking - 02-21-2015

I say crock pot.


Re: Tomaato - Tomahto?????????? - Mare749 - 02-21-2015

I say crock pot out of habit because I had the original Crockpot by Rival when I first got married. But, these days there are many brands of "slow-cookers" so I think that maybe I would use that term.

Re: Tomaato - Tomahto?????????? - DFen911 - 02-21-2015

Slow cookers have the crock on top of a heating element. Crockpots have the crock inside a heating element.

I think since most folks use crockpots, that would be the way to go.

Re: Tomaato - Tomahto?????????? - losblanos1 - 02-21-2015

Is Crockpot a copyrighted name? I like slow cooker myself because it just sounds right.

Re: Tomaato - Tomahto?????????? - labradors - 02-21-2015

"Crock-Pot" is a registered trademark. Technically, if you were to use it in a publication, every instance where you would wish to use the name should say "Crock-Pot® Brand Slow Cooker."

Thus, to avoid all of that, just say "slow cooker."

Re: Tomaato - Tomahto?????????? - DFen911 - 02-21-2015

Except this is a slow cooker. They both cook foods low and slow. All Crockpots are slow cookers, but not all slow cookers are crockpots

[Image: SlowCooker1.jpg]

Re: Tomaato - Tomahto?????????? - Gourmet_Mom - 02-21-2015

Now I am totally confused!

Re: Tomaato - Tomahto?????????? - cjs - 02-22-2015

Yeah, who knew, huh Daphne???

I think I'm going with Slow-Cooker - rolls off the tongue.

Thanks everyone.

Re: Tomaato - Tomahto?????????? - Cubangirl - 02-22-2015

I agree. Slow Cookers define a whole range of cooking vessels that utilize low heat to cook and can generally be left unattended. Crock pot is the most famous (my guess the first one) of the slow cookers, but the new ones have way surpassed Crock pots. It is the same as using Kleenex for tissues or Coke for a cola soda.

BTW, my slow cooker looks like the picture, love that it can go on the stove to sear.