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Easter's Almost Here! - cjs - 03-20-2015

Anyone made plans or a menu yet?

I have so been wanting ham, guess now is the time.

Re: Easter's Almost Here! - Mare749 - 03-20-2015

We will be in San Juan, so it will be interesting to see what they have on the menus there. I know someone who has family there and she has already given me the name of her family's favorite restaurant. She is also going to give me some food recommendations so we can try a variety.

Re: Easter's Almost Here! - Gourmet_Mom - 03-20-2015

Ham and potato salad will definitely be on the menu. Apparently, I have finally perfected my mother's potato salad recipe. At least according to others I have served it to recently.

Re: Easter's Almost Here! - BarbaraS - 03-20-2015

I always do a very small prime rib for the two of us.


Re: Easter's Almost Here! - Trixxee - 03-22-2015

Ohhhh, Easter brings back bad memories to me. Got bit by my friend's Rottweiler two years ago. LOL.

A small honey baked ham and potato salad sound awfully good though! With some asparagus.

Re: Easter's Almost Here! - Roxanne 21 - 03-23-2015

I will be with Wendy and my newborn granddaughter in Green Bay. She says that Chef James is going to do ham...haven't had that in a while. Passover celebration is on the cards as well....Wendy loves to do the ritual.

I will be MIA for a while....leaving on Thursday for my marathon trip. I will lurk on James' computer if I can give up the baby long enough.

Re: Easter's Almost Here! *DELETED* - chefleez - 03-23-2015

Post deleted by cjs

Re: Easter's Almost Here! - cjs - 03-24-2015

I've tried to send 'chefleez' a msg asking her to join us in talking food, but that out - and - out promotions of personal companies is frowned upon. But, she is not accepting messages. Therefore, I have to delete her post.

Maybe she will come back and join us and then let us know about her business.

Re: Easter's Almost Here! - Mare749 - 03-24-2015

Good call. I was wondering about that post.

Re: Easter's Almost Here! - Gourmet_Mom - 03-24-2015

Same here, Maryann!