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Grandma Alert - - cjs - 04-01-2015

Saw this offered on BookBub this morning - looks like a fun one to cook with kids. $.99

51 Easter Dessert Ideas: Scrumptious Easter Recipes For Any Occasion [Kindle Edition]
Brianne Heaton

Re: Grandma Alert - - Gourmet_Mom - 04-02-2015

Looks good, but we just don't do sweets all that much.

Re: Grandma Alert - - Mare749 - 04-02-2015

I was just thinking the same thing. Love the idea of making desserts with the kiddies, but we just don't seem to do that. Now, when it comes to making appetizers, they are all over that!

I got this book with 6 cups, then bought another set of cups because they were having so much fun with the recipes and everything was turning out so well. Katie and Abby are 12 and 10 now and have made dinner for their parents several times. They also use the book whenever they have sleep-overs to make egg dishes in the morning. Highly recommend!