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MIA (only for a week) - Mare749 - 04-03-2015

Hey everyone, we are leaving on vacation tomorrow morning and won't be back until next Sunday night. We're spending two days in San Juan, then boarding a ***** for a southern Carib cruise.

So, just wanted to say good-bye and I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and Spring break for those of you who get some time off of school and work. I will try to remember to take food pix and put them up on photobucket when we get back.

Re: MIA (only for a week) - losblanos1 - 04-03-2015

Maryann, have an amazing vacation. What ports will you visit? Cozumel?

Re: MIA (only for a week) - cjs - 04-04-2015

Have a great time and know you'll be missed!

Re: MIA (only for a week) - Lorraine - 04-04-2015

Have a great time, Maryann!

Re: MIA (only for a week) - cjs - 04-04-2015

And, where have you been, MS Lorraine???????????? Miss our regulars..... Laura, Roxanne (on trip), PJ (visited a bit), Cis.....and so many more.

Re: MIA (only for a week) - Trixxee - 04-04-2015

Have a relaxing week!

Re: MIA (only for a week) - Gourmet_Mom - 04-04-2015

Missed this last night. Maryann, I hope you have a blast! I was just telling William how sad our spring break will be compared to yours. I'll be camping out with William at Duke Hospital.

Re: MIA (only for a week) - luvnit - 04-22-2015

Awww... It's nice to be missed!

Re: MIA (only for a week) - cjs - 04-22-2015

Ya'all sure are!