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OT: Home Alone - labradors - 04-11-2015

This fawn was left home alone in our backyard, today. The other deer usually come by about 7PM,so they should be back for the fawn by then.

[Image: zDkudmz.jpg]

Re: OT: Home Alone - cjs - 04-11-2015

Wow, talk about camouflage!

Re: OT: Home Alone - karyn - 04-11-2015

OMG...what an amazing photo. I hope baby and mama are reunited soon!

Re: OT: Home Alone - labradors - 04-11-2015

I was out of the house at the time, but my mom said that the fawn's mother came back around 4:30PM.

Re: OT: Home Alone - foodfiend - 04-11-2015

Congratulations, Labs, on having a yard that Mom Deer deemed safe enough to leave her baby in while she spends the day foraging. If Mom still approves, you may see the fawn often, until he/ she is old enough to join the rest of the herd.

We've experienced this a lot over the last many years, and are still mesmerized by those cute babies. Yet another thing I'll miss about the farm...

Re: OT: Home Alone - labradors - 04-11-2015

I'm surprised she left the fawn there. It's only a few feet away from the cart path of the golf course behind us.