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Thermapen - labradors - 04-17-2015

Finally bit the bullet and ordered a Thermapen thermometer. I've been wanting to get one for a long time, but they aren't cheap. Hoping for a better deal, I signed up for their email list a few weeks ago and today I received an email from them saying that they are discontinuing the "British Racing Green" colour of Thermapen and have dropped the price on those to $79,instead of the usual $96.

Well I don't care what colour the thermometer is and the food can't tell the difference, so I went ahead and ordered one.

Just mentioning this in case anyone else has similarly been awaiting a lower price.

Re: Thermapen - cjs - 04-17-2015

I've been wanting a 2nd one for the trailer, but the price stopped me. Maybe....maybe. I sure like them.

Re: Thermapen - Mare749 - 04-17-2015

They must be really great if Jean wants another one!

Ron has two temperature probes that he uses for the grill. I can't remember what they are called at the moment. The girls bought it for him for some occasion or other, maybe Father's Day. Anyway, it somehow syncs with his ipod so he can be doing other things at the same time he's cooking on the grill. It's particularly useful for "low and slow" but it also worked really well for cooking burgers and steaks to just the right temp.

Have fun, Labs. What are you cooking these days?

Re: Thermapen - Cubangirl - 04-17-2015

I think the Thermapen is one of the best kitchen investments ever. I use mine all the time. From the obvious chicken temp to checking caramel for toffee or other uses. I don't ever use a candy thermometer now or a deep fat fryer. I use it to check water temp when baking bread and to ensure bread is fully baked as well. Mine is old now, but I'd replace it immediately if it broke, though probably with a waterproof one. One suggestion is to clean it immediately after use. I just run the tip under water, put a bit of soap on my fingers, run the tip between my fingers, rinse and dry. You don't want food to dry on it (did that once when dealing with caramel, decided after that the caramel was cheaper to replace lol.)

For me, a thermapen is as essential as a timer and a good knife.

Re: Thermapen - karyn - 04-17-2015

I totally love mine as well, and got a second one as a gift after John got tired of me whining about my thermapen always being where I wasn't. (However, I actually think he broke down after a weekend at the lake house right before Mother's Day when the AC was on the fritz. Being an engineer, he wanted to measure the exact temp of the air coming out of the vent to report to the HVAC repairman on the phone. My thermapen was not local and he was really frustrated. Guess what my MD gift was that year? LOL!)

I totally agree, a thermapen has made me a MUCH better cook and is totally essential...and you may be surprised at how many ways you use it. Just sayin'!

Re: Thermapen - cjs - 04-23-2015

Just ordered one at the good price!! Thanks for the heads up on this, Labs.

Re: Thermapen - labradors - 04-23-2015

No problem.

Mine should arrive today. The tracking information says that it's on a truck for delivery.

Re: Thermapen - cjs - 04-23-2015

Well, am I ever in deep sh*t!!! Got a call from Tracie and she was just beside herself. This is what she ordered for my b'day and then she came on this morning and saw the post.

I feel so bad. I suggested she give me that one and I'll give her the one I ordered..................

Re: Thermapen - labradors - 04-23-2015

Crazy. You just never know.

Mine did arrive, but I haven't had a chance to play with it much, yet.

As I mentioned, it was nice to get a bit of a discount, no matter what the colour. Upon receiving this one, though, it reminds me of the MG Midget that my dad had before I was old enough to drive. Makes sense: the Thermapen on sale is British Racing Green and the MG was a British car.

Re: Thermapen - Gourmet_Mom - 04-24-2015

Oh, Jean, that's priceless!