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New Issue - cjs - 04-17-2015

Just looked thru this one and some interesting that I might make - nothing just grabs me tho.

Summer Straw & Hay Pasta
Looks good, but why oh why would you need 8 strips of bacon for 1/2 lb. of past?????

Mint Pea Pesto

Pepper Brined Chicken – I might try this one with some of the brine from my Peppadews. Sounds interesting

Slow cooked ribs with Root beer – already have a recipe like this that we love.

Hawaiian ChickenSalad – sounds interesting and summery

Mexican Stuffed Tomatoes with Black Beans & Pepper Jack – of course, these sound good t0 me.

Re: New Issue - Trixxee - 04-17-2015

Haven't received mine yet.

How many servings is the straw pasta supposed to make?

There is a Hawaiian chicken salad "sandwich" in the Sandwiches and Salads book that looks really good and have always wanted to make it and then promptly keep forgetting about it. (That too has bacon in it - sometimes I think it's C @ H's favorite ingredient).

Re: New Issue - losblanos1 - 04-17-2015

Trixxee, you should make that Hawaiian sammie, it's delicious!

This issue is a disappointment for me. The only recipes that I may try are from the "Faster with Fewer" section. Four ways to use a rotisserie chicken. It reminds me of "I have leftovers, now what do I do".

Re: New Issue - Trixxee - 04-17-2015

I will Blane. Soon. I'm curious to see the four ways to use a chicken as well - Tony bought a big packet of Costco rotissiere chicken - pulled. I have two packages of it in the freezer.

Re: New Issue - karyn - 04-17-2015

I looked through it on-line, but I really prefer the magazine for reviewing the new recipes. Putting the magazine into pdf format is okay, but not all that user-friendly. There are some recipes I'd like to try, but I want to get my hands on a hard copy before I commit to anything specific.

However, since my birthday is next week, I'd be glad to pick a menu if anyone is interested!

Re: New Issue - losblanos1 - 04-17-2015

Karyn, if you pick a recipe for your B'day dinner, I'm in.

Re: New Issue - cjs - 04-18-2015

The Straw & Hay serves 4.

I'm with you, Karyn, I'm anxious to get my hands on the hard copy. And, I'm in also in you'll pick a dinner.

Had to miss the last one, so I'm anxious to do a review dinner.

Labs, I know that book!!!

Re: New Issue - Trixxee - 04-18-2015

In that case 2 pieces of bacon per serving doesn't seem like overkill to me.

Re: New Issue - labradors - 04-18-2015


... why oh why would you need 8 strips of bacon for 1/2 lb. of past?????

You're right, that does sound kind of sparse.


Labs, I know that book!!!

Sorry. Missed the reference on that one.

Re: New Issue - Gourmet_Mom - 04-18-2015

Sadly, all the recipes you mentioned sound like repeats to me, but I haven't looked at them yet, so I may be wrong.