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Monday's Dinner, 4/20/15?? - cjs - 04-20-2015

Wow, where has this month gone??? What's on the menu for everyone today??

Travel day for us to Portland - made a tuna/garbanzo salad yesterday so it will be an easy day food wise.

I'm exhausted - we had so much fun with Tracie and what a ball when your grandkids grow up to be fun human beings, too!!

Re: Monday's Dinner, 4/20/15?? - Gourmet_Mom - 04-20-2015

I'm hoping my little grocery store has my ribs today. We'll see!

Re: Monday's Dinner, 4/20/15?? - Mare749 - 04-20-2015

So happy for you, Jean. Glad you had such a nice visit.

Tonight we are having Korean Beef Bulgogi and Pickled Vegetables. This came in an email, but we have made it several times and love it. Usually, I serve it with rice, but tonight we are going to try it with the vermicelli noodles that I brought home from Asia Foods.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 4/20/15?? - losblanos1 - 04-20-2015

You're almost home Jean.

Today it's the DQ Whaler with onion rings.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 4/20/15?? - Trixxee - 04-20-2015

I woke up with a terrible sore throat and I get the feeling I'm not going to feel like cooking dinner so Tony's picking up chicken tostadas from El Pollo Loco. They are actually surprisingly good. Tried one a few weeks ago.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 4/20/15?? - cjs - 04-20-2015

We sure did, Maryann.

Seems like when we hit California we feel a trip is almost over...but, you're right, Blane, it sure won't be long now!

Re: Monday's Dinner, 4/20/15?? - Mare749 - 04-20-2015

Do you know where you want to stay, Jean, while you are looking or your next home?

Re: Monday's Dinner, 4/20/15?? - karyn - 04-20-2015

Feel better, Trixxee!

Enjoy your trip home, Jean!

We had a terrific storm this afternoon with a tornado warning that kept us in the basement at school for over an hour. My deck was covered with hail when I got home 3 hours after the storm had passed. I think I'm glad I was at school! The basement there is really safe. Its now sunny and gorgeous. Go figure...

Anyway, it's Korean taco night here (with a side of wine...hic!) I'm ready for a drink!

Re: Monday's Dinner, 4/20/15?? - BarbaraS - 04-20-2015

And it's on its way to us, karyn!! I'm glad you escaped the warning! We have a tornado warning until 10 pm tonight with thunderstorms and high winds.

Hamburgers tonight with leftover cole slaw. I'm having mushrooms.


Re: Monday's Dinner, 4/20/15?? - cjs - 04-20-2015

Go for it, Karyn!!!!!

Maryann, we're going to schedule a month's stay at a local RV park and stay in the trailer - and maybe have to extend it......????