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Tuesday's Dinner, 4/21/15?? - cjs - 04-21-2015

What's on the menu for everyone today??

We have a very short travel day to Woodlands, WA (RV park on the Columbia!!! ), so we'll stick around and have a tostada brunch with some of the Hawaiian Pork I froze for burritos. Later, I'm making a pizza!! First time for pizza in so darn long! with l/o rib meat w/sauce and taleggio cheese we picked up at the Rogue River Creamery. One of the best cheese places on the west coast!

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 4/21/15?? - Trixxee - 04-21-2015

Leftover tripoline and italian sausage. And an iceberg wedge salad.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 4/21/15?? - Gourmet_Mom - 04-21-2015

Jean, is this your semifinal destination?

Trixxee, I hope you're feeling better!

Tonight I'm making your Chicken in a Creamy Parmesan and Sundried Tomato Sauce with a salad on the side. Can't wait!

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 4/21/15?? - Mare749 - 04-21-2015

I brought home a (sealed) jar of fresh jerk seasoning from Barbados. So, last night I coated two pork steaks with it to marinate overnight. Ron will put those on the grill for dinner. Steamed jasmine rice and peas to go with it.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 4/21/15?? - Trixxee - 04-21-2015

Thank you Daphne! And I hope you guys enjoy the chicken.

I've been feeling terrible the last few mornings with the weirdest sore throat I've ever had. But once the advil and warm tea do it's thing I feel human again for four hours until the advil wears off. Has anyone ever taken too big of a swallow of food or drink and it feels like your throat has been kind of stretched out? In addition to the sore throat I feel like that too when I swallow anything.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 4/21/15?? - losblanos1 - 04-21-2015

That stretched throat thing has happened to me before, it's like I sprained it or something like that. Get better soon Trixxee.

I have some jumbo shrimp thawed out, so it will be coconut shrimp or a Mexican style manchego stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon with a lime-chipotle mayonnaise.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 4/21/15?? - cjs - 04-21-2015

Almost semi-final - From Woodlands, we'll go to Port Townsend for a week and search for an RV park to stay in Port Angeles while we look for a place.

OH Maryann, I'll bet a dollop of Banana ketchup would be good on your pork!!

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 4/21/15?? - Trixxee - 04-21-2015

Thanks Blane. Gosh, we are a coordinated duo, aren't we? LOL. Can't even eat without hurting myself these days!

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 4/21/15?? - Mare749 - 04-21-2015

Oh, I'm so glad you brought that up, Jean! Going to get it out right now! In fact, instead of rice, I'm going to make some french fries which are spectacular with it.

Trixxee, I know we live on opposite sides of the country and all, but strep throat was really going around here a few weeks ago. If you don't feel better in a few days, you might want to get cultured.

Re: Tuesday's Dinner, 4/21/15?? - karyn - 04-21-2015

Trixxee, I hope you feel better soon!

Tonight the sun is out and it's absolutely gorgeous. Dinner is grilled flank steak, blue cheese polenta, and grilled broccolini. Since it's 6:00, I should probably start doing something about it, but....